Hostile Takeover quest bugged

I’ve seen this but listed elsewhere but not in there for yet, and still no fix after three days.

Apparently joining someone else’s game can screw up campaign missing currently in progress. For me it’s the hostile takeover mission, as necessary NPCs are absent, and doors to allow backtracking to reset the mission are closed.

My only hope is to try and match make with someone doing this quest but my level is high enough it always matches me in later stages of the campaign.

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Yes, me too!!
I landed on Promethia in the pod, made my way to the entrance to the city and talked to the girl there (can’t remember her name). She said to come back when I was ready, so I looted around outside. I quit the game before going back to her. When I logged back on, I made the mistake of joining my friend’s game (yeah, who knew THAT would mess everything up). When I went back to my game, I was already IN the city, the next waypoint for the mission is across the two bridges that I can walk across through mid air, hovering (that’s a problem) and I’m locked out on the other side. No fast travel works, except back to Sanctuary, the exit point to go back outside doesn’t work, going back to Sanctuary and coming back down doesn’t help, restarting doesn’t help, I’m just stuck!!! Hey Gearbox, seriously??? Dropped a hundred bucks for this game and I’m going to have to restart and HOPE this doesn’t happen again??? Get your act together and FIX THIS!!!


I only just landed on the planet before joining a friend’s game who was further along than me. When I went back to my game, my mission was a little ahead of where I was and I was stuck in some garage with the door shut.
After seeing this thread and others about this type of issue, I tried matchmaking and even though that person’s mission was behind where I was, I loaded back into my game and was able to fast travel back to the beginning of that stage/map where I originally left off and was able to make my way through the map. Hurray, right?
No. The next catch-a-ride/garage was stuck shut again and I couldn’t even use the catch-a-ride.
I guess I’ll keep trying to match make, but this is ridiculous.

Keep match making; I got lucky and finally matched up on the right quest and it’s working again.

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I was in the same Hostile Takeover glitch. But I had a friend that was about to land on Promethea for the first time and start that mission. I played in his coop through Hostile Takeover to its conclusion , all the way till it put us back on the Sanctuary ship and I got the option to fast travel to Athena for the next mission… Then I went back to my game. It looks like everything is fixed now. I went to Athena in my game with no problem. I’ll know for sure if the glitch is fixed next time I go back to Promethea.

I think the key is matchmaking that mission again with someone else in their coop game from start to finish, because within that mission, several areas are unlocked. Hope it works for you.

But it’s pretty ridiculous they haven’t patched this yet, SMH

I was able to get it by matchmaking…eventually. Thanks everyone.

I found a fix for this. It was also bugged for me. I simply decided to stand by the ammo machine. And keep throwing grenades until i killed myself. It then spawned me in the beginning of the quest instead of the room that i couldn’t do anything in. Maybe it could fix ya’lls aswell. Sorry for the late reply lol

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Still bugged…and being so late to the party I’m not hopeful in finding a random game to fix it.