Hot fix, Desperate Measures and my thoughts

Before start this topic, I must tell you that I’m not good at English and don’t know about programming at all.

How do i saying this… Honestly I was glad and sad at the same time when check Dec 19 hot fix.

and according from @Duk

So now it changed like this.

*Original Damage Formula topic is here,

Started worry about something after saw @Duk’s post.
And something means copying the damage formula of Scorching RPM’s skill to fix Desperate Measures skill.

I assume, the relation of additive and multiplicative with Type group in formula is similar things each other. Or it has common points.

Scorching RPM’s and Stainless Steel Bear skills are not increase Iron Bear’s Elemental DOT (Damage-Over-Time). and Now Desperate Measures also doesn’t increase Iron Bear’s Elemental DOT …and become Type A in Iron Bear damage formula.

Before the hot fix, Desperate Measures only applied on left arm, increased Elemental DOT and had position at Type B in IB damage formula.

Even before when Desperate Measures has affecting on IB, there are other skills that only increase IB’s left arm damage. Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine, Kill skills from Shield of Retribution skill tree.

So…probably It could be like copying DIB or Phalanx Doctrine formula to adding affect on IB at Desperate Measures. Not only function also problem.

But yeah. this is all just my opinion or at least thought. Maybe developers didn’t know about the problems. Only knew the functions. They were busy, busy and will busy. In this situation almost impossible to find these problems of several skills.

Or it is not about copying not copying. Just it can be all about ‘Two arms One body One skill’.

Sorry to too much talking, But do you know about how Cloud of Lead skill runs at Iron Bear’s two arms? It calculates two arms as one. For example, Purchased 5 points on Cloud of Lead. Fire 3 rounds at left arm then fire one round at right arm. Bang! Cloud of Lead skill shot fired from right arm.

Maybe system recognizes the Iron Bear’s two arms as one. And causes one arm buff.
Not only increasing IB damage but there are other buffs that affects on only left arm.

Fire Rate Increased: Scorching RPM’s, Mayhem Modifier
Reload Speed Increased: Mayhem Modifier

The End.

Sorry, it is really difficult to saying like these in English to me. I want to write about current malfunctions, irregulars and suggestions of Iron Bear. but if I do it makes this topic too long. So I will write it later. I appreciate your reading.