Hot Fix= Improved Taser (initial thoughts)

(initial thoughts)

I consider the old man to be one of my mains, so I was very excited to play him after the hot fix. I only played him twice last night but you can definitely tell that there is a difference in the range that his taser hits. No Longer do you feel that you can taser people from across the map, or just rush and taser and melt everyone. Even when I added the helix for an additional target, you still had to get up close and personal.

When Playing in incursions, I had to worry about minions killing me as I was trying to use taser to melt down the bots. Before this would not be an issue as I would be safely out of their range.

If you are still having issues when fighting against a Kleese, remember kill his rifts and CC him. If that doesnt work, RUN, escape before he Kills you with Math!


Not the math! Anything but the math!


Math? Oh dear no. The numbers all scare me like spiders. :persevere: