Hot Fix / Update Information -- Xbox One (Updated 1/25/2016)

A hot fix is automatically applied at the “Press Start” screen when Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is connected to the internet. In general, hot fixes are used to temporarily address issues between major updates. Hot fixes are not permanent – they are temporarily stored in memory during the game session and lost upon exiting Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. To ensure that you receive hot fixes, make sure that your system is connected to the internet when Borderlands: The Handsome Collection boots up.

An update contains changes that are permanently stored on your system and only needs to be downloaded once. You can download the latest update by launching Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. l while connected to Xbox LIVE. You will be prompted to install the update if you do not already have the latest version. All updates are cumulative; you only need to install the most recent version to receive all updates.

Hot Fixes

[quote]January 25, 2016 Hot Fixes

Borderlands 2

  • Increased drop rate for the Hyperion assassin skin customizations.
  • Increased drop rate for Maya’s “Frozen Wrath” skin customization.
  • Increased chance to spawn shield boosters when using the “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” shield.
  • Zer0’s “ Velocity” skill will now apply critical hit damage correctly.
  • Gaige’s “Wires Don’t Talk” skill now appropriately increase shock DoT damage.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • The sights on Dahl, Maliwan, and Torgue pistols with scopes will now align correctly.
  • Increased DoT chance and DoT damage for the “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” shield.
  • Previous SHiFT-code only weapons (such as The Machine, Ol’ Painful, the Jack O’Cannon, and Boomacorn) now have a very rare chance of dropping in-game.
  • The ‘Tread Carefully’ challenge has been disabled so that it no longer causes issues with players’ challenge lists.
  • The weapon “Wet Week” now has a chance to drop from Swagman/Outcast.[/quote]

[quote]December 22, 2015 Hot Fixes

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • Players should no longer get stuck on the “File Search” mission during the “Go to Memory Bank 2” and “Reopen Data Stream” objectives.
  • Odjurymir is back until January 4! Look for Odjurymir in Serenity’s Waste for your chance to snag an Ol’ Painful assault rifle.[/quote]

[quote]December 3, 2015 Hot Fixes

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • Boomer is now runnable again (will respawn when a player exits and re-enters the map).[/quote]

[quote]November 9, 2015 Hot Fixes

Borderlands 2

  • Maya’s Blight Phoenix skill is now buffed to be on par with other skills in the tree.
  • Zer0’s Deathmark ability now receives a larger damage boost.
  • Vermivorous will now be easier to spawn in a single-player game.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • Athena’s “Clear!” skill will no longer cause the game to crash when used on a player who is in a vehicle. This required disabling the ability for a thrown Aspis to target a downed player over an enemy. To compensate for the targeting change, the effective radius of Clear! has been significantly increased. [/quote]

[quote]August 17, 2015 Hot Fixes

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • Dialogue between Tim Pot, Tom Pot, and Tum Pot will no longer fail to play over ECHO for clients in the mission “To Arms!”.
  • Tassiter’s first line of VO will now play upon acceptance of the mission “Eradicate!”.

Claptastic Voyage DLC

  • The client will no longer become stuck in The Cortex after the host saves and quits.
  • The introduction cinematic audio will no longer repeat for the client when joining a host who is on the objective “Meet Jack” in Deck 13 1/2.

Aurelia: The Baroness DLC:

  • Aurelia’s oxygen bubble will no longer remain present while in a vehicle that is currently inside of a building.
  • Aurelia’s action skill will no longer prematurely deactivate after being extended using “Cold Advance”.[/quote]

[quote]July 29, 2015 Hot Fixes

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • The player will no longer get stuck after traveling to the Lunar Launching Station from the Eye of Helios.
  • The Lunar Launching Station now appears in the Fast Travel list as soon as the user activates the Fast Travel station during the ‘Watch Your Step’ mission.
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Players will no longer get stuck when saving and quitting before uploading the H-Source during the mission “System Shutdown” in Deck 13 ½.[/quote]

[quote]Releasing April 2, 2015

– Users can now successfully transfer Badass Ranks and customizations from their prior-gen save files.[/quote]

[quote]Releasing March 23, 2015


– Adds support for downloadable content.
– Disc Version Only - Addressed a rare issue where the game could crash when started with 4 PSN account logged in.
– Addressed an issue where the game could erroneously play Japanese text / dialog in the SCEE version.
– Fixed an issue where the optional mission “No Such Thing as a Free Launch” could become unable to be completed.
– Addressed an issue where inventory / vending machine icons could display inconsistently in a split-screen game
– Fixed an issue where gun scopes could be misaligned during split-screen play (Borderlands 2 only).
– Weapons specific to Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep will now remain in inventory after saving and quitting.
– NPC and enemy subtitles will now display correctly for clients in split-screen games.
– Fixed an issue where fire FX could display incorrectly during split-screen play.
– Fixed an issue where controller rumble could occur for the wrong player in split-screen.
– Addressed a rare issue where Aurelia’s “Contractual Obligations” skill could fail to work in split-screen.
– Salvador’s melee attack will no longer cause FX corruption in a 4-player split-screen game.
– Fixed an issue where client split-screen players voice chat could fail to function in an online game.
– Fixed a rare issue where a crash could occur after selecting “Resume” from the main menu.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel only

The following bosses will now respawn when a player exits and re-enters a map:

– Tiny Destroyer
– Boomer
– Rabid Adams
– Giant Shuggarath
– Bruce
– Rooster Booster
– Even-More-Disgusting Tork
– Drongo Bones
– Meg
– Lost Legion Powersuit Noob
– Meat Head
(Note: Col. Zarpedon’s loot pool has been added to the Sentinel.)

– Top tier SDU upgrades can now be purchased and will no longer disappear after ending a session.
–Fixed an issue where certain sound effects could fail to play.
– Addresses an issue where certain skills were not being correctly modified by class mods.
– Fixed an issue where certain customizations would not be dropped in-game.
– Col. Zarpedon’s loot pool can now be dropped from the Sentinel since Zarpedon cannot respawn.
– Addressed a rare issue where Wilhelm’s robotic voice failed to replicate for clients.
– Users will no longer experience a rare crash while listening to ECHO recordings in Serenity’s Waste.
– Players will no longer receive an “All Players Needed” message after using Digi-Jacks in a single player game.
– Stopped the “All Players Needed” message from appearing if a player goes back to the entrance of Deadlift’s lair.
– Increased the rate at which the game checks to see if the player is looking at a usable object.
– Various CPU performance optimizations.
– Fixed an issue where grinding 3x purple items could result in a crash.
– The grinder can now produce items above level 50 in Normal and True Vault Hunter modes.
– Fixed an issue where the trophy “I Welcome Your Attack, Fool” could fail to unlock.
– Sterwin will no longer die from Guardian attacks during the “Sterwin Forever” mission.
– Fixed an issue where weapons could lose functionality after Claptrap’s “Meat Unicycle” action package expired.
– Aurelia players will no longer crash after joining a game hosted by a player playing as the Doppelganger.
– Cleaned up graphical oddities that occurred after shooting certain frozen enemies.
– Players can no longer use moonstones to grind 3x very rare (purple) items unless they are class mods.
– Players will no longer retain “slowed” state when taking cryo damage from multiple sources.
– Jack’s Indistinguishable Projection class mod texture now appears correctly when viewed in inventory.
– Players will no longer get stuck after saving and quitting during the “Science and Violence” mission.
– The Chronicler of Elpis class mod will now show all of its Freeze Chance and Shield Capacity bonuses on the item card.
– Fixed an issue where the player could lose weapon functionality if entering “Fight for Your Life” while the “Medi-bot” action package is active.
– Improved stability when playing the “Digistructed Madness” missions in the Holodome DLC.
– Fixed a possible progression blocker in the mission “A New Direction".
– Fixed an issue where Dr. Spara’s dialogue was inaudible for clients.
– Wilhelm’s ShockAbsorber footstep audio can now be heard by online clients.
– Fixed an issue where Hanna would react erratically for client players after death in the mission “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”.
– Fixed an issue where Eghood’s dialogue could play after he had been killed.
– Addressed a possible progression blocker in the Holodome DLC that could occur when client players save and quit.
– Kills made by Digi-Jacks now count toward the increased action skill duration of the skill “Best Foot Forward”.
– Fixed a Doppelganger issue where the player could still fire his/her weapon while entering the “Fight for Your Life” animation.
– Reduced frequency of “critical hit” callout audio.
– The challenge “Big Game Hunt” will now only increment once for each kraggon killed.
– Jack’s Indistinguishable Projection Class Mod will now correctly increase his slam damage.
– Addressed a rare issue where the Host player could be invisible for clients.
– Updated an improper texture on the “Smasher” loyalty reward pistol.
– Addressed a rare crash that could occur when fighting Flame Knuckle.
– The Doppelganger will now get the appropriate amount of free grenades while airborne with a Bomber Oz kit equipped.
– The Doppelganger’s Projection class mod will now provide the correct gun damage bonus.
– Aurelia’s “Privileged” class mod will now apply the correct reload speed bonus.
– Fire rate and reload speed bonuses from Aurelia’s “Privileged” class mod will now properly apply when the mod is equipped from the backpack.
– Bonus sniper rifle damage from Aurelia’s “Big Game Hunter” will now properly apply when the mod is equipped from the backpack.
– A bullet will no longer be added to the currently equipped weapon when a player with Aurelia’s Silver Lining skill kills an enemy with a melee critical hit.
– Chronicler of Elpis class mod now displays the correct shield capacity increase on its item card.
– Aurelia’s “High Definition” class mod will now properly apply its gun damage bonus when the mod is equipped from the backpack.
– Jack’s Indistinguishable Projection class mod description now correctly indicates that the damage bonus only applies to Hyperion guns.
– The geyser will now fire automatically when Iwajira is killed.
– Added the Hail assault rifle to Iwajira’s loot pool.
– Addressed certain “Cult of the Vault” symbols not displaying properly for clients.
– Adjusted Flying Sera Guardian enemies to properly award experience, activate skills and trigger second wind upon defeat.
– Fixed a bug that allowed Nisha to dual wield weapons that weren’t pistols.
– Addressed an issue where some types of ice damage were being incorrectly resisted.
– The Rosie’s continuous damage bonus has been reduced.
– Miss Moxxi’s Probe’s lifesteal bonus and critical modifiers have been reduced.
– Fixed an issue where the “Building a Robot Army” mission could fail to advance at the “Destroy Powersuits” objective.
– The Hellfire, Magma, and Hail splash damage DoT status effect will now tick for the correct amount of damage.
– Players can now discover the ‘Cult of the Vault’ symbol in Titan Robot Production Plant.
– ‘Tread Carefully’ challenge - Players can now successfully complete the challenge by destroying five power suits without triggering any power cores.
– ‘Death from Above’ challenge - Players will now be alerted that they have unlocked a customization head after completing tier five of the challenge.
– The effective range of the ‘Blaster’ and ‘Spitter’ type laser guns has been increased.
– The Holodome overchargable jump pad will now be able to be overcharged if the player shoots the overcharger before activating the optional jump pads.[/quote]

We are continuing to work on additional fixes for known issues and will update this thread accordingly when we have more information.