Hot fixes possibly hinting at future badassery?

I’m sure every possible idea has been floated as to why dev’s would so viciously nerf components of a pve game. Imma toss another one.

I think the dev team is doing some balance work now ahead of some future content, the likes of which would be HUGELY impacted if nerfs hadn’t already been in place.

Maybe there are pvp elements coming? Arena didn’t do so well In bl1 but that’s the beauty of this Borderverse! Even if you find one thing lacking, there is still soooooooo much awesome content, so much grind, mayhem and sweaty.

I love this game and this community. I choose to believe that there is a tremendous amount of fore site being employed now to make that which is coming more seamless and badass.

My two bones for what they’re worth.

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Ye gods, whatever is coming I hope this game isn’t getting homogenized for the sake of some garbage PvP.


No pvp is one of the main reasons I purchased this game. But I guess it looks like that doesn’t seem to matter as the game is getting slammed with nerfs anyway…


That’s never been part of their model, even with dlcs. Though they did give plenty of destiny nods, I don’t think it would ever happen. Just more trying to justify my own thoughts @jgartenbenz.

But again, its gotta be for something. I never would have gone in on bl2 if it had been pve/pvp from the beginning.

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Can you say Border Royal?

Don’t even joke. I couldn’t handle that kind of breakup.


We can only hope. My Zane needs some love especially since all his primary items were nerfed. :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:

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It could just be that the’ve watched Bungie do it for the last 5 years and somehow decided it’s a positive thing and followed suit. I firmly believe any positives of nerfs are far outweighed by the negatives in this game.

Borderlands 2 damage got so out of hand at endgame that most toons needed a Grog to heal thru incoming damage.

It makes sense to me that Gbx is just having the foresight to simply tighten up w balancing numbers now so that when they later introduce DLC content it won’t all be balanced around one broken mechanic(Grog). OR something similar. Bc I don’t think anyone would argue that a random side-quest item that you received(from not finishing the quest at that!) should not be a near requirement for most of BL2s tougher content.

To reiterate my thoughts here, I feel like they are bringing down high outliers and bringing up low outliers and Gbx is being proactive about now so when new items are introduced the “base” is already clearly understood.

With Borderlands 2 as opposed to requiring the Grog Nozzle to do endgame content wouldn’t it have been much better if every character could handle that internally.

Don’t know about you folks but I woulda much rather saw Salvadors “Brawn” skill tree better balanced to where it was actually needed to go in there for the DR and the regen. Instead Brawn was bunk and Grog won out. Bad.

Every character should have been able to do DigiPeak without the damned Frog Nozzle. Would have been a lot better if they handled scaling the survivability skills up a bit just removed Groggy all together…

How this relates to BL3, well if we have a clear bass (including some outliers ngood and had) that allows Gbx to handle future content better because they KNOW at least a very general sense the power of weapons, characters, skills, etc up to that point.

As is now, on Tm3 I feel like my shield is actually valuable. I appreciate those health regen skills and those sheild charge delay skills. Late game difficulty can get crazy and by Gbx keeping a close eye on balance, as they have been, will prevent a lot of the things of BL2 endgame that didn’t work out so well.

Hope this makes sense to somebody bc it sure as ■■■■ don’t make mine too me.x😆

Especially when you compare it to 2!
OP levels were hella fun. That’s one of the things that kept it fresh and exciting. I personally have no shame in admitting I never passed op6 but it was hella fun trying.

No doubt new level caps are coming with dlcs. That’s why I’m not going to bitch now.

I will, however, if the go to move remains nerfing as opposed to higher rarity. I don’t feel like anointed is a good parallel to pearlescent so I’m anxiously hoping something like that will come back as well.

@ckx00000 my shock kitten gaige knows that type of torment.