Hot fixes should continue?

Seems like lately we haven’t gotten any in game Buffs in a while which is pretty sad since I’ve been waiting for months for some Buffs to some items no one ever uses and also Quest items because they trash aha.

I just hope someday the majority of items (Blues,Purples) will be useable at endgame without having to use the Revolter to make them do more then Tickle then Enemies.

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Sadly, i think you’re doomed to be disappointed.

Honestly, don’t get your hopes up. What you just said here

Is why they won’t. You can either add 1 item that brings 1000 up to par, or individually buff 1000 items. It makes no sense to buff all the items individually when you can blanket buff a ton of things and devote time to other things.

Development wise this game is finished. The anniversary made that clear with a drop event for the Bekah and Earworm plus a diamond key being the celebration.

I believe that there is only one patch left and that will be for VC3.

For hot fixes prob turning some events on for special occasions.

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Graeme did say the Re-Volter might be worth taking a look into in one of his tweets. I personally do think is too strong and shield diversity took a hit since it was introduced. You could probably tone it down by half and it would still be one of the best shields in the entire game.

Rakk 100% increased damage anoint not working may stay broken forever :joy:

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Good. Honestly, a good nerf would be to tone it down to 100% shock bonus + no fire rate boost. And even like that, it would probably be the best shield of the game.

Those lines break my heart everytime. Bring back Rakk slag :sob::sob::sob:

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should they yes? will they? probably at the rate of 5 gun per 2 months

does it matter? absolutely not unless they are buffing one pump champ