Hot take: Legendaries should be rarer and have lower drop rates. Annointments should be easy

What if instead of trying to farm for the unicorn of perfect parts and perfect annointment on a weapon, instead we farm longer to obtain the legendary but shorter for the right annointment. Right now a vanilla legendary doesn’t feel rare or extraordinary at all due to the pure quantity of getting 4+ every time you tap on a boss for ten seconds.

The annointment can just be rolled onto the weapon for a cost of money/eridium. It would take longer to get legendaries but in the end they would actually feel legendary because they are rare and hard to get instead of feeling like we’re being showered in a thousand and sifting through every single one trying to find that piece of text at the bottom of the item card. It’s a trade off that I think would serve this game well. Even if everyone complains about how low legendary drop rates would be, it would literally take less time to farm for the perfect gear for the fact that getting the right annointment would no longer be a problem.

Also, there are several named enemies in this game that have no legendary attached to them at all and or are unrespawnable. I would love for this to be addressed.


I actually agree with this for the most part, even though I know it will never change. If it were me, I would drastically reduce the effectiveness of most boss farming in general, and just bump up drop rates in what are supposed to be the end game activities (PG, CoS, and Takedown) significantly. If you did that, but added re-rolling parts and anointments for Eridium as a feature, which you could also earn in those game modes, you’d have a much more satisfying and fun farming loop. Finding the specific item would be a bit harder initially, but you would only need to find it a couple of times (maybe even just once) and then you could roll for the perfect version; and all of this would be accomplished by playing the game correctly and having fun instead of Save/Quitting in front of a boss every 15 seconds trying to farm 57 versions of the same gun for a month with no luck.


Or put the anointments on the weapon trinkets and remove them from the weapon RNG completely.


However they do it, the one thing that HAS to change in my opinion is Anointments need to be able to be either re-rolled or out right purchased for a fee. The lack of ability to farm for the right anointment is by far the biggest issue with the current end game and if it doesn’t get fixed, I think more and more people are gonna drop off in favor of games that actually reward their time. It is by far the most common, unified complaint that I see across here and Reddit.


I think that from a coding perspective being able to re-roll anointments would be easier, as making the trinkets an inventory item or perhaps adding trinkets so they stay out of the inventory (I’m not sure how many trinkets and anointments there are) and removing the anointments from the weapons would mean a major recode.

My hot take on your hot take:

Isn’t it just semantics right now? Maybe Legendary = Legendary shifted to God Roll = Legendary?
Of course, one could say that Legendaries are now “participation rewards” and I can’t disagree with that, but I like more gradual power increase.


The thing is 95% of the legendaries in this game underperform and aren’t powerful. Legendaries should be powerful, hence their classification as legendary. Getting a legendary from a cardboard box every couple minutes isn’t gradual power increase, it’s overshadowing all the purple and blue items by being handed to us on a silver platter and yet they don’t feel like anything special.

Honestly at M4 nothing should drop without an annointment. We have the RNG of getting the item on top of the RNG of the right annointment, at the highest difficulty we should at least remove the RNG of if it’s annointed in the first place


Something that I felt like they could have done with this game was take a page out of BL1’s book with different grades of legendaries. For those that never played it, BL1 had 3 tiers of legendary: yellow, orange, dark orange. The darker the color, the better the stats.

For BL3, they could have made it so that playing on Mayhem 4 drops a more powerful version of the same item than Mayhem 2. Combine this with re-rolling items to make finding specific versions of each gun relatively easy, and you would have a more gradual, addicting power grind to slowly climb up the Mayhem ladder.

Instead, everything is very binary right now. You farm a boss for hours and you either get the item anointment combo you want for playing on M4, or you don’t.


I would really love if they added rarer items than legendaries. My top wish for this game is pearlescents returning

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Pearlescents being equivalent to Ancient items in Diablo 3 would be a cool feature and method to increase power further.

I never understood anointments being locked to a drop in the first place. They are clearly something to further tailor gear to a specific playstyle and make much more sense as something created by or obtained by the player to slot in and out as desired.


Right now we have BL2 drop rates for vanilla legendaries that are not viable for M4.

Annoinments have ruined the game simply bc Gearbox refises to adjust their drop rate to coincide with required gear for end game content.


That’s a really interesting solution, if paired with a decrease in legendary drop rates. It might be too difficult for Gearbox to add to the game, though.

more like : legendary should be rarer and have lower drop rates . annointments should either give small bonus like luneshine or not being a thing.

were going through all the suffering just for X annointments

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No thanks. It’s already a chore to get the gear I want and I don’t care about Anointments.

I would definitely sign the petition for slotted anointments. Farm for your favorite legendary and use eridium to slot your favorite anointment into it. One and done on that legendary though, then you have to farm a whole new one to slot a different anointment into it. That’s sounds awesome to me.

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Same here, I would be all about this. It would solve SO many farming complaints.


What if it was rarer to get legendaries but at the moment of getting one to drop you get 5 anointment options to choose from on the spot and it becomes permanently fixed on the weapon. And probably you could opt out of an anointment to adjust the base stats of the gun.

I will admit I like the random effect on reload that the Lucky 7 uses, and that Glitched weapons used in TPS.
I wouldn’t mind random anointment on reload as a mechanic also.

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