Hot Take on the Yellowcake

Please read everything and hear me out first.

I believe the nerfs to the Yellowcake, other Cartel gear, and new annointments should be reverted (or at least reduced greatly). Hear me out here. The devs seem to be adamant on keeping this game running as a live service. So how about they actually use one of the things many live service games are known for. SEASONAL/EVENT drop! Yes the weapons were very strong, however they only dropped from the event during that event period. Players can no longer get those weapons.

What I’m suggesting is that if they want to continue down this road, have each event drop an exclusive highly powerful piece of gear (within reason). This way everyone will have a reason to keep coming back to play the game. As it stands currently I see no reason to participate in future events as the gear dropped will either be weak or nerfed shortly after which makes grinding for that gear pointless. Make some annointments seasonal as well such as the 300/90 annointments.

Currently it seems the events are one time deals with no return expected within the year. Why not make those events worthwhile and engaging? Otherwise why use the live service model?

TL;DR: Just have seasonal annointments like the 300/90 and weapons like Yellowcake and OPQ be strong, but keep them exclusive to events. Rewards dedicated players and encourages people to come back to new players to join in.


how about not have timed exclusive joke gear that can blow up a planet but instead introduce balanced new gear that will stay in the game permanently?


I hear what you’re saying about the weapons. But for the anointments, realize some people weren’t able to get the full enjoyment out of the Cartels event.

For example, Agonizer 9000 wasn’t dropping M-level appropriate gear. So farming for one of its dedicated drops with the Cartels anointments would have been … pointless had GBX not made them permanent.

Until they get performance and balance right, they should not have time-limited gear. Bugs and crashes effectively lock some people out of content as it is.

Ideally the game is made stable, bugs fixed, current gear working as intended and balanced, current skills working as intended and balanced, then add new working and balanced items.

But, they have to put shareholders and profits before quality and players so…they push half-baked stuff out the door faster than they can patch it.


These are not mutually exclusive. Both can exist within the game. The proposition is not to REMOVE new permanent gear from the pool, but to instead keep event/seasonal loot strong as to encourage continued play via the live service model they want to keep using. As it stands event hear will just be a slot used in the vault for “Wow, remember that event? It was totally not fun to grind for this”

I understand where you’re coming from. I’m not saying they should stop fixing things. What im proposing is the opposite actually. Instead of wasting time nerfing event exclusive gear they should just leave it as is. They will be spending more time finding what actually matters (the core game, mechanics, and permanent gear).

What I’m proposing would keep event gear relevant at least for a little while after their events. Keep in mind we will be getting level cap increases in the future, so by default event gear will be powerscaled out over time. The gear would be nerfed by default of being underleveled so them nerfing it now would not make a difference in the future. Once we get say a Lv 60 or 62 cap that event gear won’t be useful unless the event re-runs (which would encourage more players to come back for that exclusive gear). This wouldn’t require anything on GB part other than not wasting their time nerfing gear that could only be obtained during a specific time.


I’m using it now… Placed the metabolizer with +50% shock on the ase to boot.

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Because it’s a bad system
People want to farm at their own schedule
Also when your game isn’t event finished and levels keep being added just like anointments, this system just doesn’t work at all
The weapons are not physically removed but effectively
And designing a weapon so unbalanced that it can possibly survive a 10 level increase… don’t even let me get started on that xD

People are not going to talk about how they farmed the YC
They will talk about how it totally outscaled all other weapons in the game and everyone was running around with it and then it was nerfed and then it was becoming obsolete because of the next level increase
Great story. I prefer a more stable game and lootpool

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Again, game stability/balancing standard weapons and the event loot are not mutually exclusive things. They have no relation to another outside of Gearbox wasting their time patching temporary content.

These events are already in GB plans, there is nothing I am suggesting to “add” here. The only suggestion is that when these exclusive pieces of gear come and go like we know they will, they don’t waste the resources nerfing them outside of something like the YC doing crazy damage. Again this topic has nothing to do with changing development resources. The only suggestion is change way these events are treated and handled in the future.

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ok, i have an idea
dont make them time limited
thats it
you invest time in developing and implementing something into the game
keep it

Except it stays in the game after the event? What are you trying to argue here?

The topic isn’t about removing events (which at the moment GB has not stated in any way that they are going to.), it is about making them better and more worthwhile going forward.

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you cant refarm it
so you probably wont have the time to get the perfect roll
you wont be able to farm it when you think about building a character with that weapon
you wont be able to get an on level piece when they increase the level cap…unless…a year later
its counterproductive to their choice of genre

also, the cartel villa was one of the best recieved content by far and they could just have kept the map in the game to farm it
but…who knows who is in charge for such decisions…

Correct, all of which I stated in the original post. Which is why they shouldn’t be wasting time and resources nerfing gear that can never be obtained again and instead should let the gear live and phase out as the level cap increases. Multiple games and MMOs already do this. The gear simply dies out after the next level cap, no need to immediately nerf it to the ground.

because the whole idea that you invest resources into something just to

is ■■■■■■■■ when you can simply keep it in the game

Except that is already what the game has been doing with standard loot since launch. Majority of the Legendaries in the base game are trash and phased out due to constant nerfs, some of the weapons weren’t even good to begin with.

Again, what are you arguing here? No one said they wanted or liked the live as a service gear content rotation. The only things being suggested here are to at least make said events better. Even if they were to stay in the current pool they would be phased out, in fact the new Globetrotter front the Takedown is supposed to have better damage numbers than the YC, so you didn’t miss out on anything. The Globetrotter will be in the game forever.

i am arguing that you shouldnt try to save a bad system
you should remove it

The problem here is that anointments are hard to get at the best of times. If they are limited time only I doubt many will bother collecting them. I never bothered with the Heck anointments for exactly that reason

it was obvious that it was getting nerfed what was scummy on gearbox’s part was that they waited knowing they were going to nerf it like they wanted people to play the game to get numbers up then boom hit them with a nerf once they got what they wanted

o Hai


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Depends on how strong the annointment is. If it was the pre patch version then I’d definitely say it would be worth farming for as the damage actually made some non-viable guns viable and fun to play with. However as it is now I agree, it wouldn’t be worth grabbing. My suggestion was that powerful annointments such as that be kept super powerful and just be limited instead of outright nerfing it. I’m not a fan of exclusivity, but at the moment the 300/90 is nerfed and a wasted annointment. I’d rather them lock it behind any event and have it strong/useful than have it available at all times and be worthless. This is basically the situation where 2 people fight over an object and then break it in half and both sides are left with a broken item.

Yes, but instead of just “fixing” the math they said was broken they also went back and nerfed the damage even further.

not saying they were right in thier nerf happy ways ion cannon any one oh bugger that hellwalker anyone lol

Very true, they ended up being an annoyance as you try to collect ‘real’ Anointments.