Hotfix and arms race problems


Level 65 mayhem 11

(Have a “moxsy Khaos queen” build ATM with all the right gear that used to shred enemies easily a couple days ago…

My hotfixes say they are applied on the menu… Little sign pops up after the ding sound effect

But when I play the game tosay I take hundreds of bullets to kill one enemy…
Not even a badass or named enemy either

Literally hundreds of corrosive hornet rounds to kill one loader bot in heist of handsome jackpot

That cannot be right!!! Has to be a problem with game!!!


I was playing the ARMS RACE (which I hate having to play but I need more exclusive legendaries with other annoints for future builds)
Got in the skag den
Killed all the spiderants
But the hatch didn’t open to let me out to get the rare chests
Just kept spawning new spiderants emperor’s and matriarchs
Killed six before ran out of bullets and hatch still didn’t open

So I have given up on bl3 ATM

Lucky I have cyberpunk 2077 to disappoint me also…

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Also I was watching the damage I was doing per hit with ALL THE DIFFERENT WEAPONS I tried to use

Most were Over 100k per hit once skills stacked

Yet the loader bot soaked up the damage

So unless a normal loader has about 100billion health I’m pretty sure it’s not me being crap at the game

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