Hotfix Buffs Return Tomorrow!

Looks like we’re finally getting some more unspecified buffs tomorrow. If I had to guess I’d say this means we’ll be seeing some weapon buffs and if that’s the case what weapons or pieces of equipment would you like to see buffed the most? Personally I would like to see most of the takedown specific gear as well as all the grenades get a sizeable buff.


Nice. Takedown weapon buffs would be good. A few of the M4 and M6 specific weapons could use some love as well.

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C’mon Ripper!

Hive. PLEASE be the Hive. That launcher needs serious help!

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I’m probably not the only one who plays as a single. Co-op rewards …? Meh.


More Buffs ? I couldn’t care less about buffs and coop loot event, where’s that december patch, huh, GBX ? Fix the game, fix Amara’s Infusion to work with Cryo, fix Moze’s Harmonious Havoc to work properly, fix that horrible Iron Cub’s AI, he doesn’t shoot flying enemies, he doesn’t shoot Wotan when he jumps onto the platforms, he doesn’t shoot Wotan’s upper part when he splits his body, if Moze gets too far ahead he simply disappears and rarely teleports to her location, what about fixing issues instead of more weapon buffs ?


Lmfao I can’t believe they just buff one gun by like 10000% every few months and people eat it up acting like gearbox cares about the games health/balance. It’s so ■■■■■■■ dumb man.

Skill trees in this game are either garbage, terribly designed (looking at you Trapper), or Uber ■■■■■■■■ x31 mayhem scaling broken. Looks like they aren’t fixing those anytime soon. Looks like they also don’t care about the power creep destroying the game. Or the still terrible UI a year and a half after launch. Or no replay-ability at endgame. Is Xbox one still crashing constantly? Who ■■■■■■■ knows anymore man.


For a personal top 5,

  1. Unkempt Harold (please…)
  2. Kill o the Wisp (such a unique gun, currently weak)
  3. Wagon Wheel (such a cool gun, currently weak)
  4. Hellfire (and switch it back to a blue Maliwan design please, no need to add secondary element)
  5. Freeman (seemed like one of the most unique weapons before launch but for the time it takes to land shots, the power should be much higher. I’m talking Ion Cannon levels of damage)

That’s far from an exhaustive list. I’ve love to also see buffs for,

Baby Maker (make it consume one mag per chuck, not one mag per mirv grenade)
Bearcat (more damage, but also ability to scale based on grenade damage)
Blind Sage (perhaps debuffs projectiles could home in on enemies)
Butcher (fan favourite, currently weak)
Cheap Tips
Creeping Death
Crossroad (restore 4th projectile and accuracy, plus some damage)
Devil’s Foursum
Embrace the Pain
Flama Diddle
Garcia (restore the original firing pattern, as it is currently very slow)
Heart Breaker
Hyperfocus (give it the same adjustment the Conference Call got and it maybe damage isn’t necessary)
Kyb’s Worth (just a touch more power to make it compete with the Flipper)
Mother Too (could be cool. Unfortunately, like many legendary Tediore, feels weak)
Mutant (and if possible, change it to a Vladof/Dahl. Feels very strange as a Jakobs)
Occultist (unique drop from Troy, should be better)
Operator (currently the meme gun of Arms Race)
Pain is Power
Plumage/Ruby’s Wrath
SF Force
Scorpio (Roland deserves better)
Septimator Prime (extra projectiles have many of the same issues the Tiggs Boom used to have)
Sledge’s Shotgun
Slow Hand
Stauros Burn
Superball (meme weapon)
TK’s Wave (meme weapon)
Tidal Wave (meme weapon)
Webslinger (worst Takedown reward)

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Id rather see dedicated drop rates changed


after THIS long i expect a big patch with tons of stuff
they cant just ignore everything and then come out with 5 gun buffs that BARELY help the guns
the last big buff wave didnt help half the weapons anywhere
so i hope they
1 follow this up so we get some buffs to already buffed stuff by a little
2 give us in general harder buffs so we dont need this in the future
3 buff all gear not just legendary, as they make the power creep worse patch by patch
i think i have never seen a game where the difference between purple and legendary is THIS massiv
it barely makes sense to take any purple gear, and i hope they change this


I would love to see a system where dedicated drop rates increase according to your Mayhem level so on 1-4 they remain relatively low and then in M10/11 you have maybe a 50% chance each time because at that stage you’re less farming weapons than you are elements/anointments.

Meanwhile, I would create Mayhem+ levels so you can choose Mayhem 10+1 or 10+5 and you don’t get extra mayhem levels on weapons or anything else, just additional difficulty for those of us who want that. Maybe increased xp, cash, loot frequency and eridium to counteract the additional time it takes to kill things.

If they did this, I would also move the health of the mobs in the Guardian Takedown closer to the mobs from the Maliwan Takedown so they are a similar difficulty.

  1. you are correct, at mayhem 10-11 im farming for annoints not guns, so having drops at 50% would make sense… alot…

  2. pls no more mayhem lvls… if we now give mayhem lvls to our mayhem lvls gearbox will start to extra scale that too
    we might aswell remove current mayhem, and do the following
    get mayhem 3.0 and its base game scaling and from there nothing with the loot changes, you just make the game harder little bit by little bit
    not jump to the moon, then sun, then the next galaxy

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Its just making me go insane trying to farm for specific gear and I dont want to do save files cause I fear id mess it up and just ruin all that I have already.

Wouldn’t mind if some of those buffs went to underused class mods and skills.


Buff film Buff :rofl:

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Good point. Let’s buff the 3RROR Cmdlt, Cold Warrior, Deadeye, Dragon, Elementalist, Eternal Flame (maybe an extra effect which benefits Moze herself?), Friend-bot, Golden Rule, Nimbus, Rakk Commander, Sapper, Shockerator, Stone, Techspert and Trainer.

On shields, let’s buff the Asclepius (it’s a Takedown reward but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used), Back Ham, Band of Sitorak, Black Hole, Impaler, Rectifier (seriously, I got one of these on Arms Race the other day and the effect was unnoticeable. They could up the damage or add a more interesting effect like staggering the enemies effected), Red Card, Torch, Void Rift, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

And grenades? I think overall I’d keep them the same but adjust the Mayhem scaling so they all get brought up but not on the original playthrough where many of them already work quite nicely.

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All atlas weapons need a general buff. Especially the carrier and rebel yell.

Grenades need better Mayhem scaling.

All non legendaries need better scaling also.

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I’m hoping it’s all my favorites. Fingers crossed.

I’d personally would like to see them fix bugs. Like not being able to teleport to your vehicle (I know there’s a work around, it’s just annoying) and having to hit ESC numerous times just to get out of your menu(s). To me, fixing bugs should be a higher priority than buffing guns.

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Can splitscreen UI get some buffs please so we can actually enjoy this co-op event.