Hotfix drought - Season 2 is just charity?

I’m genuinely curious what the season 2 pass is for.

There is no hotfix for the myriad of balancing issue that still plague the game by example.
There is no new content appart from a botched game mode that nobody really look forward to

I was waiting before opening my wallet again, and it seem it was the right choice


Patience my dude. I’m pretty sure the next hotfix is gonna come out this thursday when the golden path event ends.
We can at least be hopeful that ending the event isn’t gonna be the only thing in the fix.

  1. It’s been Thanksgiving.
  2. The hotfix schedule was already slowed down and everyone was notified about it.

Your choices are whatever you want them to be (and there’s nothing wrong with them!), but they have zero relation to the hotfix schedule, hah.


Oh I dunno about that, this is that thing wherein GBX did something they wanted to do and for those that capitalized on Race, understand the simple yet addictive formula, know that new gear is new content because new interaction and loadout exploration experimentation!

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Im hoping next patch drops VERY soon and addresses some concerns with Season 5 content (Fl4k skill tree being a disaster, Arms Race having some issues , other trees having slight bugs etc)

If Gearbox wants extra time to fix Season 5, all they have to do is drop the Cartel Event EARLY, like, THIS WEEK, early. That would make me forget about everything wrong with the game for as long as they keep the Cartel event going (Preferably it’d stay forever).


Still nothing to date

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I was really hoping we’d get something yesterday. Now I’m wondering if we maybe waiting until next year before we get anything. Last year they gave out SHIFT codes for skins, weapon trinkets, echo skins, etc. so we might get that again but it’s not clear when we’re going to get any new, real playable content. Time for a new Takedown, I say!


Some significant buffs to Zane’s green tree would be really appreciated.

  • Hearty Stock: replace max shield with cryo damage.
  • Distributed Denial: make it work with many more shields.
  • Nerves of Steel: change trigger to be similar to Competent Competence, add damage against frozen/slowed targets (in the same way as an Ice Breaker artifact).
  • Competent Competence: change gun damage to general damage (same as Frenzy).
  • Make all Barrier augments work whether the Barrier is held or placed.

Finally, buff/redesign Techspert, Cold Warrior and Shockerator.


Zane is plenty fun but I agree that a lot of his skills are just filler trash (useless AF)

But then again, I’m on the end of my rope… Seeing they haven’t even bothered with any news (DLC6 is still a huge mistery, no news on balance/patches, etc.)
I think it’s better to just shelve this game and never look back


im not even thinking of buying season 2 until i see what director’s cut has to offer and also if anything else as arms race is bland and pointless to me, and not paying for new skill tree’s which should been free i feel, but need to be good content for me to buy into this.

It’s kinda nuts that they’re leaving the Loader Bot pets in their current state.



What they need to do, is buff the amp damage when shooting through the Barrier to something that is actually worth the investment.

Now that Competent Competence got moved and become a capstone (because even gearbox realized how garbage Distributed Denial is), you’re basically forced to cap this tree to get a decent damage bonus, and instead of improving DD as a worthy captone, they pretty much killed Zane’s Barrier tree now.

I would also love if the Barrier tree had a passive/augment that gave Zane increased action skill damage while he’s holding the Barrier.

I still use the barrier tree and not feeling much has changed in my build.

I do feel I spend points in skills that are pretty useless. But that was also the case in BL2 :joy:


Increased amp damage through the Barrier could be very nice, I agree. The reason for many of my choices is they would,
a) provide a multiplicative effect on damage. Whereas Zane currently has heaps and heaps of gun damage, these damage sources would provide something unique to him worth speccing into. Competent Competence is currently wasted as gun damage, for instance, when he has superior gun damage bonuses earlier on in other trees (Violent Momentum, Commitment).
b) These bonuses would largely be easy to implement and expand on the cryo feel he’s already got in this tree. Stoke the Embers is currently one of Moze’s A* skills. Giving cryo damage to Zane in tier 1 would be equally meaningful.


Think a lot of people feel that way or are slowly working their way toward it. Just don’t see this one having the longevity of the other entries and considering there is still a lot of things that need to be fixed a good amount of us turned away months ago. Yeah we still hang out here hoping for a little glimmer of hope but that is fading fast.

Also Cyberpunk is coming out next week and what little amount of people that are playing this now days will most likely be gone to that game.


Charity implies benevolence.

So, no.

Gearbox is phoning it in at this point. Arms Race is so weak it’s clear the main developers have been moved onto some other title at this point. Now we have the “B team” or based on Arms Race perhaps the “C team”. BL3 is done.


This post is everything

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I mean, they screwed us with the first season pass, in which they had to hold very specific promises, most of which were somewhat disapointing if not entirely infuriating. After one whole year the game is still in a “somehow okay but not okay” state.

Now, second season pass, they’re kinda vague about it, and they just don’t even put in any work to fix the already butched game we all already pay for. GearBox is just asking for charity at this point : Give us money for this pile of garbage, it might, maybe, if you’re lucky, become worth it someday.


i barely see anything with his game at this point
i assume after this seasonpass is over the game is going to be dead
kinda feels like the pre-sequel, where they rly gave up pretty fast

so what do we lern
gearbox doesnt have a long breath, its a hard attempt and then sad fail, with a second attempt failing instantly

next game i legit wait an entire year until they release the first goty edition
its clear that they rly just missed the mark and dont rly care anymore as its not worth to keep doing stuff for the game
and that is propably a hard fact since
the content is always either lackluster or broken, which means hey have to fix it
we saw they will abandone new old content like dlc 1 and 2 instantly and never go back, so purchasing that content is nice for like 1 week or so