Hotfix issue - not being applied

Im having an issue where the recent hotfix is not getting applied> it was working fine yesterday but today no joy.

Did you get any kind of error message on game launch when it was trying to sign in to SHIFT? If the SHIFT servers are down, the game won’t be able to load the hotfix.

No I didn’t get anything like that. I’ve done the “clear xbox cache” routine, and the hotfix is still not being applied. It’s a shame, i was having fun with the Crit SMG ! Without the hotfix it’s poor.

Not sure what the issue might be then. Can you tell if the account sign in to SHIFT worked? You should be able to view recent redemptions and access the form to submit codes (and there’s a thread with new shift codes here).

The issue is it won’t connect to SHiFT. In game I went to the Social tab and then the SHiFT section and it’s not connected. It gives the message that it’s unable to connect . Pressing the retry button repeatedly just gives the same message. I’ve noticed that there’s other recent comments with the same issue, although there’s no update on the SHiFT Status Twitter account for many days.

Unfortunately, that Twitter is sometimes a bit slow to react, much like MS’s XBL service status indicator. If you’re getting an error signing in to SHIFT you won’t have the hotfix either.

If you usually leave your XBox on, you might want to do a full shutdown and restart just in case there’s something jamming the works. If SHIFT is having intermittent problems, however, there’s not much any of us can do but wait.

Hmm… you’re not down in parts of the US having issues with cold weather right now are you? I know Texas (GBX HQ) have rotating power outages to contend with right now. I believe the SHIFT servers are cloud-hosted, so they shouldn’t go down as such, but admin access and player connections might be affected if network connections are affected.

No I’m not based in the US. I did the full restart and cache clear but no joy. As you said there’s not much that can be done if its server side. I’ve got a ticket in so I’ll just have to see how that develops.