Hotfix needs to install at each start of the epic launcher


I’ve noticed that when I access BL3 (day after day) from the Epic launcher, I need to reinstall the hot-fixes each time. I started noticing this with the bloody harvest event, as it would become inactive if the latest hot-fix was not applied.
Thinking back it was always the same, even before the event, it seemed as if I would have hot-fixes each day, but now it looks like they just don’t save on my PC.
Can someone clarify why the hot-fixes don’t save, and why I need to reinstall them each time I restart the epic launcher and the game?

This is how hotfixes have always worked since they were first introduced with BL2. They patch data in memory once the game has launched, so they have to be reapplied every time you restart the game. They also take a few moments to apply so it’s possible to key-mash your way into a session before they can trigger.

Hotfixes get rolled in to the next update so that they become a permanent part of the code, but code updates are on a different release cadence to hotfixes since they require certification by the console platforms before release.

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Thanks for the reply. Good to know there’s nothing wrong on my side.