Hotfix not applying

Anyone having this issue. Im on the right version, ps4 is updated and connected to the net and i havent been able to play in days as the hotfix simply will not apply at the title screen.

Anyone had this issue or know how to fix it

Should also note it says it cant connect to my shift account either. Ive tried everything

The hotfix is loaded via the shift servers, so those two problems go together. In the first instance, I would suggest a full power cycle of your PS4 just in case there’s some stale cached data affecting things.

Second thing I’d try is signing in to the shift web site directly just to check that there isn’t some problem with your sign in and that you’re still showing as linked to PSN.

If you’re still having issues after that, you can fill out a support ticket for further assistance - use “SHIFT” as the game/game issue.