Hotfix randomly not applying?

Since the lastest patch went live more than not the hotfix is not applying.

I have to shut down my xbox for me to see it but as soon as I quit out of game back to the menu the hotfix sign post vanishes. So I am not even sure if it is working at all.

Anyone else notice this?

To clarify the broken hearts event IS ingame for me. So does that mean the hotfix is applied?

The sign does go away after a time, yes. As long as you don’t fully quit the game you should still be ok.

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Just out of clarity’s sake, because mines showing up then disappearing with no confirm sound its on as well, the hotfixes are applied still if it disappears?

Should be, as long as you didn’t quit the game after the initial sign appearance.

So if i farm graveward or something, where im repeatedly quitting and rejoining, its likely that it just isnt applying the hotfixes afterwards for some reason?

If you fully quit the game, you’ll need to wait at the main game menu until you see the ‘hotfix applied’ sign, hear the chime, and see the news items in the bottom left start updating/cycling.

Just check to see if you can toggle gaurdian rank.

That was added in the update, not the hotfix, so it wouldn’t help determine if the hotfix was loaded.

I have had my cryo anoints say 50% a few times which I thought the bump to 100 was a permanent thing.