Hotfix shift reward world drops: Confirmed Grind-able and able to spawn w/ luneshine

Enjoy your new confirmed farming method, and your 4 uniques that can spawn with luneshine. :grinning:

The weapons are considered blue rarity (at least the Jack ‘O’ Cannon). Below is the tread on the recipes for how to grind blue guns and blue guns w/ luneshine for those that need it.

Color Coded - Grinder Recipes [Guide]


Do they spawn as Blue’s (so some recipe like Blue Blue + Green Thing You Want) or is the recipe something different.

Need to get myself a cryo Machine w/ shield bypass luneshine or crit…drools on himself:sweat_smile:

Just got a luneshine boomacorn using 2 green shotguns green assault rifle and a moonstone grind.

2 green shotguns, a green rifle and 69 moonstones.

This is what used so they are definitely blue. And the above is the best I found for a blue SG w/ luneshine, there’s another recipe but it cost 105 moonstones.

I’ll add this to the OP just cause.