Hotfix/update 11 December lowered leg Drops?

Hey superfans,

i noticed the todays hotfix or update what ever u wanna call it coz theres nothing official yet, lowered somehow the legendary droprate on bosses. I was farming gravy and i mean i have to be really unlucky to get 35 out of 50 Runs on m3 so i tried troy and tyreen and here the same…

I Write down all my farmings and like i said for exsample gravy: i dropped from 1,6 leg per run to ~0,8.

Anyone else noticed the same. I will Continue farming to see if it was just Omega Bad luck


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i’m so confused. 11/21 were 3 weeks ago, yet you say today’s hotfix? am i having a stroke? :frowning:


Maybe he’s been farming for three weeks so his numbers are rock solid?


Guys :smiley: 11th December i was massing up with the Date sorry.

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There’s currently no official confirmation of such a Hotfix. So… ::shrug::

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i know mate. But Epicstore was loading something so i suggested it has to be a lil hotfix or something. Anyways the drops today are really ■■■■■■. But seems im the only one :confused:

There is another topic entitled update today. Talking about the same thing. :smiley:

yeah already saw it ^^ but thanks for mention

My evidence is more anecdotal but I have noticed the same.

My daughter keeps spreadsheet data on drops across the board in game and she purports that drops have taken a dive since mid-late November (but nothing recent).