Hotfixes? i don't understand them

I don’t really understand them i recently got free internet til may 31st do gearbox eventually apply them in a patch because i only have internet for tht long?

The most recent patch included the previous hotfixes. There will very likely be more hotfixes between now and May 31st that won’t be made permanent until a future patch.

i went offline and my lob sucked are you sure

As sure as I can be. Here are the extensive patch notes:

The relevant bit being the part about nativised micropatches.

then why is my lob trash offline?

Are you playing the PC/Epic version? There’s allegedly a bug or something there.

no its reverted to the old lob its in my bank unless the patch did not fix my bank items idk i have not updated the game since version 2 of the game i updated to the newest version now tho. also on console

On XboX I always feel like a hotfix is applied to ensure the box will keep crashing if they forgot to add that feature in the last update.

The recently “improved” guns are still in hotfixe. So yes that’s why your Lob "trash/ offline. They will eventually be updated in a new patch. I was expecting one with the dlc. Look like we’ll have to wait. With the current event it’s possible that could be delayed.

thx i hope its kinda soon so when i don’t have internet i can actually use some builds.

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