Houdini's make Pendles useless

I don’t want to sound like I’m screaming for nerfs here, but Marquis makes Pendles completely and uterrly useless with Houdini’s reveal skill. It can literally reveal you through walls and from (what feels like) the other side of the map. Now like Orendi’s reveal and even Ambra’s I can at least see coming, and don’t feel completely cheap, since it’s my fault if I get revealed. Houdini doesn’t leave any kind of marking when it’s on the other side of the wall, you can’t hear it until it’s too late, and it just feels cheap. Now if it was like Ambra’s sunspots, you could at least see it’s distance, and it doesn’t reveal you through walls.

Am I the only one who feels this needs looked at?


sorry mate. I think that’s the risk you take? People are learning how to deal with him-and well.

Aoes should not go through walls. It makes Ernest very strong.

I can understand it being a risk if it’s even slightly noticeable, but wall hack reveals seems WAY too cheap for my tastes.

Some characters are super cheap. I’ll give you that.

Lol at a Pendles calling any class cheap.

Hoodini should adhere the standard LoS requirements.

Sounds like someone has a case of snek hates. Pendles is anything but cheap, because he’s sooo easy to see/hear coming. He makes a loud noise as he unstealths, and when he moves while invis he stands out pretty well. If you don’t have anything to actually add to the discussion though, maybe you could find another thread to complain to.

Well Hoodini might give you a hard time, but this means the Player chooses for it to be visible… so gotta watch it.

Also, people tend to always secure the same spot with hoodinis, so if you got hit 2-3 times on the same spot, you know that’s a bad route.

If he gets to lvl 10 for his Bindleblast reveal it can suck even more, especially since he can shoot right through the walls :confounded:

I don’t understand what the big deal is. Yes, a good Marcus can make a Pendles’ life hard, but Pendles’ role is more to distract and let your teammates fight a distracted team. If Marcus is taking that helix choice, then the rest of the team is gaining the advantage because that reveal does so little to non stealth characters.

That’s all fine and dandy, but in maps like Overgrowth, he can pretty much cover the entire lane, making it impossible for you to do any kind of distracting, and even with them being visible you can’t see them through walls like they can see you. For example I was completely unable to come anywhere near the opponents side of the middle without being revealed, making any kind of support to push from Pendles completely useless. Even using his smoke bomb, he was revealed as soon as he used it. Just felt like two houdini’s completely countered Pendles entire kit.

It’s pretty hard to distract the team as a squishy sneaky snake when you can’t sneak, because the eyes are literally everywhere, making it impossible to stealth. When a character’s entire kit can be countered by one helix choice, rendering that characters playabilty for that match nill, it just seems slightly unbalanced to me. Other reveals you can literally counter/see coming. Even if the houndini’s are visible, you can’t see them through walls like they can see you. Their range t reveal feels like its larger than Ambra’s sunspot reveal, and there’s no indication that there’s even one around.

Long story short, if there was an easier way for Pendles to counter the revealing houdini’s, it wouldn’t feel as cheap. He can counter Ambra’s sunspots by seeing them and avoiding or destroying them, or even asking his team to do so, but it’s not very easy to destroy a bird that’s behind a wall that we’re trying to push past.

so marquis is the only character that fully negates pendles completely? Or are there others?

From my experience playing as Pendles, it’s pretty easy to avoid Orendi’s and Ambra’s reveals. I’ve never seen a Toby use reveal so I can’t say much on that. Galilea can reveal with her pull which I don’t know if much people realize, but none of them feel as encompassing as Marquis’ revealing Houdini’s. If you have any experiences with others as bad, I’d love to hear about, because so far I haven’t come across any that have ruined my match as Pendles as much as Marquis did.

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So what I am reading is, there are 5 characters (I will through in Reyna) that have reveals at low levels that effect Pendles a lot. So 5 out of 28 characters (17.85%) are his counters. That number seems right to me so I don’t really see the problem

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The counters aren’t the problem here though. All of the other characters reveals are easy enough to dodge, or at least don’t feel as restricting as revealing Houdini’s do. I don’t mind him having counters, everyone has them, but name another character who counters someone well enough that their entire kit is practically useless. Marquis and now Ernest are great counters to Montana or other big characters, but do they make them feel completely useless?

Wait till you get a Ernest who know what the hell he is doing.

Hoodini will be the lesser of your problems.

Any melee character vs Kleese.

How do those melee ever make it through those rifts an then do any sort of damage on the other side.
I mean yeah if they bump into each other randomly kleese is in trouble, but pushing through the lane Kleese plows many a melee buthole after they run through his rifts teyin to get to him, an when they do the other ranged characters just flat out wrek your half health or less. Then u add in all the cc’s and abilities, kleese melts melees.

Rift network, Balls of Death and Kleeses taser can all 100-0 a melee in mere seconds, though. All of those alone or together. Take your pick.

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Thanks @reliikki and @B0bZ0mb1e for helping make my point, one character who is a perfect counter to yours doesn’t mean it needs to be changed. Just change up your strategy.

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