Houdini's make Pendles useless

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Your welcome :wink:

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I still wish ol Attikus cld get a little buff love.
Once stunned he gets wreked an his one sec of silence is laughable at best.

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Kleese can wreck melee characters with or without his rifts. This doesn’t mean he counters their ENTIRE kit though.[quote=“vegancookies5, post:20, topic:1545064, full:true”]
Thanks @reliikki and @B0bZ0mb1e for helping make my point, one character who is a perfect counter to yours doesn’t mean it needs to be changed. Just change up your strategy.

Again, he doesn’t negate their kits. Stealth is part of Pendles kit, without it he’s pretty worthless. It’s liketaking away Kelvins ability to gain hp through chomps or his sublimate. His entire kit revolves around that, or taking away Melka’s poison. Imagine if Kid Nova comes out and has the ability to negate DoT’s, he effectively negates Melka’s kit making her useless? Do you think that would be fair to people who play Melka?

Last time i try to explain this to you, since I don’t think you’re understanding my point here. Counters are perfectly fine, as long as you have a way to see it coming. I’ve played as Alani against an entire team that was coordinating with wounds, and I didn’t feel nearly half as useless as I did as Pendles against Houdini’s who could spot me THROUGH WALLS. Can’t see it coming if you can’t see where they are. It’s, as far as I can tell, the HARDEST counter in the game, because of the things I’ve listed. That being: 1. Revealing through walls. 2. No marking or tell of how far or where they can see like everyone else’s Aoes. 3. Fast CD and ability to place mulitples quickly.

All they would need to do to help out is either put a marker around them when they have reveal, or make them not reveal through walls, because there’s no way to avoid them.

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It’s bad enough so many people aimbot on Marquis, but this is obnoxiously over powered.
I agree that Houdini should be line of site. It makes no sense to reveal thru a wall or around a corner. Take the range down a little. If he places Houdini on the ledge in incursion it reveals the entire middle area. Also why have such an OP helix at level 2.

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I don’t think the biggest problem is the LoS. It’s the range, and the fact it does it over and over. Non-stop.

So either reduce the range, or make the owl explode after it reveal something.