How about a jojo reference in borderlands 3

A new shield called the world with the ability to freeze time in a set radius for 5 to 9 seconds red text being za warudo


Shoot, you want JoJo references, get up on Bloodstained. That thing is nothing but JoJo references from start to finish.

Lot of love went into that game.

Seemed more like Castlevania references from start to finish to me. But the small amount of Jojo I watched before I couldn’t stomach any more seemed to be drawing on similar cliches.

The game is a Castlevania successor but the references in the game are all JoJo. From her pose, to the accessories you can equip, to her stand, certain enemies, etc…

There are a lot of anime references in the game also (Gun x Sword, VHD) as well as a pretty nifty shovel Knight one where you don the armour.

If you weren’t into JoJo I get missing it though, but seriously, half the accessories are tied to that anime.

Phantom blood is considered the least best one, it gets so much better afterwards. part 2 is better in every way, part 3 is great, part 4 is really awesome as well, and part 5 is godly. part 6 has not been animated yet, but part 7, oh boy, it is a masterpeice. if you can sludge through the 9 episodes of part one, it gets so much better.