How about a medic cat anyone

we need a cat in this game that what we need. he or she can be a medic that can heal her or his team mates. small size that can make him or her harder to hit. small and fast is perfect for healing all the team mate. can’t fight like the ather can but heal fast and stay a way and taking pot shots at his or her enemys. what do this cat need to be a badass. what are you thoughts about this? good or bad?

some healing drones can be good. :airplane:

Being the resident crazy cat lady, i feel obligated to endorse this.

Yes to cat character!

Whether its a medic or not dosnt really matter to me. But I’d prefer it to be more of a loner. Stealthy, quick and nimble. And not needing to hang around to heal others.
Because if there’s one thing about cats, its that they give no ■■■■■. Especially about anothers well being.