How about a poker room at Moxies?

Tourney winner gets an anointed legendary. Outside the box my friends.


As long as there’s a strip option.


Cool idea!

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I’d rather play live. Today actually I did, lol.

For sure. But if you have slots you might as well have a casino. HaHa

Craps, Blackjack, Poker. Would bea fun add on.

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throw in one of those super complex japanese gambling games and i’m sold.

Some people consider poker to be fun, and as we know, fun is not allowed in BL3.

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Woh! Great idea! Reminds me of “Poker Night 2” where you could get those exclusive Borderlands 2 heads.

Could sit down in a public lobby and play.

Maybe like a pre-lobby while your waiting in friends to join up and you could just kick back and play some Borderlands themed poker!


Maybe in Borderlands 4 we will get a Moxxi’s Casino instead of just a small bar. Online could still be restricted to 4 player but 4 online players playing any number of casino games would be pretty fun, competing for top high scores between themselves and potentially global scores too for each specific game type.