How about a "restart" or "reload" button in the game pause menu?

Hello hello vaut hunters !

Everything is said in the title.
We quit/save, relaunch everytime we want a specific item, why not make it easier?

Why it isn’t already implemented ?!

What do you think ? Yes or no ?


lol yes.

Altering your mayhem reloads the area, but doesn’t respawn enemies, etc. A button that reloads the area and respawns enemies would be awesome. Especially on consoles, it would save massive amounts of time.


I like it. It should keep the group together, it’s annoying to have everyone kicked out of the group. And it would save me the hassle of having to go into my own game and then join. I still can’t reliably join from the character selection screen, without crashing to the dashboard.


How about a “respawn boss” button?

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