How about a Time Trials for TPS

Hey everyone, I decided that if I was able to pull off my Claptrap kill, that I would consider creating a Time Trials for TPS. I’ve been talking about this with @bew_ from the BL2 time trials, and I’ve been getting use to Google Docs for a while today. This won’t be anywhere near as big as the BL2 TT (solo only and currently only 4 fights), but part of that is because we only really have 2 raids. This will be just as formal and legitimate as the BL2 TT.

I’m doing this to get suggestions from the community on what the rules should be and why, and if I should have more sections than just the Bosses/Arena I have below.


  • BAR must be disabled
  • No glitches or exploits (For example Flakker swapping, drop reloading, “Rolling Thunder” stacking, ect…)
  • Full video proof of the run must be shown (Quality doesn’t matter as long as it’s watchable)
  • All gear used and spec as well as the BAR must be shown after or before the run
  • No use of third party tools to give you an advantage
  • You may only use 33 rocket ammo per Boss/Arena (Additional ammo from pick ups are allowed, and skills like Athena’s Elemental Barrage or Jack’s Absolute Advantage that reduce your ammo consumption are also allowed) Regening rockets with an Absorption shield is not allowed
  • Luneshine is allowed on weapons that can spawn with it
  • All gear used must currently be obtainable in game
  • Jack players can pre-stack up to 500 stacks of “Money is Power” for Raids, and up to 250 stacks for Arenas
  • Aurelia players are not allowed to pre-stack “I Never Miss”
  • Athena players are not allowed to pre-stack “Maelstrom”
  • For both Level 9 Mutator Arena sections you may use any “Mode” or “Modifier”, but choosing ones that hamper your run does not effect your ranking.

Time Rules

The Invincible Sentinel

  • Time starts the moment the “The Invincible Sentinel” health bar appears, and ends the moment the “The Invincible Empyrean Sentinel” health bar disappears.

Eclipse & EOS

  • Time starts the moment you pass through the force field into the arena. And ends the moment EOS’ health is at zero health, NOT when the health bar disappears.

Level 9 Mutator Arena w/ SH4DOW-TP and Level 9 Mutator Arena

  • Time starts the moment the “Survive:” and “Complete waves: 0 / 3” checkboxes flash white the first time and ends the moment the “Complete waves: 3 / 3” check mark appears in the center of the screen.

Holodome Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round

  • Time starts the moment the “Survive:” and “Complete waves: 0 / 7” checkboxes flash white the first time and ends the moment the “Survive:” and “Complete waves: 7 / 7” check marks appear in the center of the screen.
  • All submissions must be have the run completed in 20 minutes or less.

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If you have any questions about the rules feel free to ask. :smile:


I’m mostly looking for the stack counts that should be allowed for the 2 skills “Money is Power” and “I Never Miss”. That being said I am open to any and all suggestions. Though just because you suggest it does not mean it will happen, but I will listen to it.

And because mentioning everyone that could help improve this future thread would take forever, I’ll just mention the 2 speed runners I know on these forums @ItsmeJamesAJ and @onlyin_kansas. And you 2 and anyone else can spread it like wild fire if you so choose. :grin:

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this seems like a good idea, but the lack of endgame content (and healthgating bosses :rage:) is really hurting the time trials type of thing from exploding like it did on BL2.
having said that, i’d be happy to do some runs/kills for this, when i have the time.
BTW, since you have mutator 9 why not have badass wave of holodome? or do you want to maintain a level of sanity?
full game speedruns? DLC speedruns? might attract others who do the speedygames, (i dont do that, but i can give it a shot)
even more edits: where should we post our footage? PM or on the thread?


Are you considering Holodome too?

I think Jack and Aurelia stacks should start with 0. In fact any stacks should if its an Arena.

I don’t know if I’m really into the “time trials”… it didn’t really go well in BL2 either (multiple “official” threads, fragmentation, yadi yadi yah) and there’s… well, not much to do in TPS.

And if you remember my OG Eclipse & EOS speed kill, I set the rule about timing and about no pre-stacking. As it stands, your current Nisha’s kill uses pre-stacking before you enter the arena using a fairly well known glitch of Eclipse AI… So I really don’t want to be technical about this and focus on this kind of “official” speed kills. I’d rather have your Nisha kill be a very cool speed kill. I’d rather have Aurelia 1-shot be a very cool speed kill, and I’d rather not have “official time trials” with specific arbitrary rules.

In addition, I don’t see a point in even trying for speed kills anymore because you’ve shown time and time again that no matter what strategy I come up with, you can do it better. No matter how many hours I spend, you are somehow better at actually executing the sequence of moves/tricks required to pull off a speed kill. And since I am not going to beat you out in optimization, even when I beat you using a different strategy, you can pull that off way faster than I can. So not only do I not see the point in time trials, but I also don’t see the point in you tagging me.

So those are two reasons why I’d rather have all TPS kills be “unofficial” and “for the lulz” - let people be as creative as they can (as long as they’re not majorly abusing glitches cough flakker/nukem swap cough) and have speed kills for fun and for advancement of strategies instead of going through the trouble of having and enforcing this “official” time trials.

TL:DR; Nay.


we could also have a “fun kills” and “challenge kills” section. it would be an appropriate place for my white gear nisha eclipse kill.

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In that case, why not just leave the speed kills “as is”? Sure, maybe have a database of speed kills but there’s really no need for TPS to have its “official time trials”.

@Abvex I was not considering the Holodome because its mostly a test of endurance and I’m not really thrilled to have to watch each very long video to make sure they are legit. But enough support could change that.

On the stacks note I’m just curious why you think there shouldn’t be any. The BL2 TT lets Gaige have 400 Anarchy which is 700% more gun damage. For Arena’s what other pre-stacks shouldn’t be allowed?

Doesn’t mean someone else can’t beat me. Plus that’s not a very sporting outlook. I tagged you in case you had opinions on the rules and reasons why.

I don’t know of the whole BL2 TT mess, but @Boreshot’s TT seems pretty well renowned as the actual one and its orderly.

And stuff like pre-stacking Order adds to the level of creativity, people dragged enemies in Boss arenas and stacked skills or got kill skills in BL2. So I feel it should be fine.

Which of my rules do you consider to be arbitrary? I consider competition to be extremely fun, although I get what you mean when you’re on the losing side. But you can just use that to improve yourself.

I didn’t really ask if I should make it (title is confusing sorry). Just if any of the rules should change and why.

If you want to manage the Google Docs for that I’d be fine with it. But those weren’t even that popular in BL2. So I’d do some research before you decide.

Yeah that’s mainly what this was intended to be just a data base… but with rules. Because if I did’t it’d all be Flakker swapping, and besides the stacks thing I don’t really see a reason why you don’t like the rules part.

And if ends up being a flop then oh well I tried, but I think this is better than just putting kills in the character sections.

the gaige anarchy thing was just so she could compete with other characters, so i guess it would be legal for these as well, seeing as jack and Aurelia with no stacks couldn’t really compete with Athena, Nisha or Clappy.
but at the same rate, should we allow prestacking with the other characters as well? im pretty sure athena could prestack maelstrom outside the sentinel with a low level hyperion shotgun, and nisha could do the same with order.

Ok because since you can kill your self in the arena to get the cut screen to not play I’ll put no stacking Mealstrom, but Order should be fine.

As for stacks can you give me a # on the 2, just so I’m not picking it on my own?

I don’t know if you are aware but one was started but given up on

I don’t know if it helps you to build on this and re start it

Yeah I used that as a reference when I made this thread. I just want to see what everyone thought before I just used the original 400 for jack and 0 for Aurelia. Thanks for helping. I know you’re not big into this, but if you have anything to say I’d be happy to listen.

I enjoy watching them, just not doing them

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From what I can recall from the old forums, the reason Gaige was okay with pre-stacking because it was one of her best DPS, lot of her other skill don’t hold a candle to her Anarchy, she needed something so the run doesn’t feel too tedious.

Jack and Aurelia are different, they don’t need stacks to put on a lot of DPS, Aurelia and Jack can one shot a lot of mobs without a single stack. This can either be a useless TT or a meaningful one where the player are showing they can earn stacks with consistent crits, I think it should be part of the test/run. There is a reason Zer0’s CA stacking had to be showed on the video during some of the more later TT on the old forums.

The problem with Aurelia is if the pre-stacks limit is too high, she can one shot anything…and you have all the videos be exact copies of each other.

Regarding the Badass Holodome, it would be similar to the Digipeak Runs, It takes about 20 mins to finish but I am sure some of the boys going for TT can make it around 15 mins or less.

Ok, but I’d look at Jack in comparison to Athena, Nisha and Claptrap again. He sorely lacks the raid stopping power they have, so an extra say 125% gun damage doesn’t really give him a leg up. Picking up money in a raid (enough to matter) doesn’t really happen. And he loves to crit and that is a decent chunk of his power, but both raids can’t be crit for a large chunk of the fight. So the slight boost against Athena who could careless about criting and Nisha that can crit the boss even when they are’t suppose to be crit-able, seems fair in regard to the Gaige reasoning. Because besides never ending reduced ammo consumption he doesn’t have much.

The same thing with Aurelia, the only reason I didn’t automatically say zero stacks is because those uncrit-able raids really hurt her. In arena’s I though it would be fun to see people people hard core focus to keep their stacks since they all go away when you miss, but I guess I could make it to no INM stacks for Aurelia in Arenas, and a reduced count for Jack.

Ok I’d be fine with the Holodome then, so long as I can put a max time on it. IE 18 minutes

Sorry I was strictly thinking mobbing for those two, I should have made that clear.

I think stacking is fine for both character during a raid.

Do you have an opinion on the counts? Right now I’m thinking…

  • Jack - 500
  • Aurelia - 50 but I need to test a few things first.

500 sounds high on Jack, that would be a real pain to farm over and over

Aurelia wouldn’t take long to stack that high.

You don’t have to stack to do a kill, and you can use “other” means of getting said stacks. Legitimately you can get ~60 stacks per RK5 kill and Jack kills him in 2 seconds and he is farm-able w/out saving and quitting. Same kind of hard ship Gaige players have with Anarchy and either dying or non repeatable bosses like Pete.

The old TT thread you linked had the count at 400. What would you recommend?

I’ll probably make this a thing Monday, so if you have anything you want to say do it by then. I’ve updated the thread, so everyone can let me know their opinions on the changes if you have any.

And @onlyin_kansas if you want to do that “for fun” TT just let me know before Monday.