How about a Time Trials for TPS

If you want to do the docs for it sure.

It would just be in the actual thread when I make it Monday.

I see that hold this topic is not easy because everyone is not agree with the rules I wish you good luck in any case I find it very interesting I support te

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Hi work you on your table with the records?
I work on the invincible Sentinel with Nisha because the record is 3 minutes

I don’t really understand, but if you’re asking to access the Google Doc with me then I’m sorry I’ll have to say no for now. I just want to do it solo for a little while, and later if I need help or I lose interest I’ll give access to whom ever I feel will take care of it.

If you’re just asking to see the doc to see Nisha’s Sentinel time there is no time currently. If you want to summit your kill then you can just post your video in the thread that I’ll make tonight around 12:00-1:00am EST.

Sorry if that wasn’t what you asked, I didn’t really understand your post.

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The actual Time Trials thread.

@Derch or any of the other mods can close “How about a Time Trials for TPS”.

Closed because the Time Trails thread is linked above (I did it right this time)