How about ability to reset enemies without going to main menu?

What do you think about a feature that would allow resetting enemies without going to main menu?

Lots of people seem to be playing the game spending hours and hours on single enemy. And after every kill you need to go back to the main menu in order to get it spawn again. This results in a significant portion of the time being spent looking at load screens.

Since this seems to be so big part of the end game, how about letting players do the ‘reset’ without having to reload the game/map over and over again?

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Although I would like to see a feature like this, I don’t see it happening anytime soon tbh.
Resetting and reloading has been a part of this game since ages. It is a part of the Borderlands series since nr1. It is called grinding lol. I don’t even know how they would go about to do a thing like that.

If on console, I feel your pain. Loading times are b*tch! It’s lots better on pc tbh, but we still have to endure some loading screens too.