How about, buffing all the weak characters?

Instead of nerfing all the characters that get overplayed because they are good lets focus on why they are better than the other characters.

Largely due to the fact that some characters just deal absolute crap damage or their supports are pretty junk on the avg compared against all these characters.

-Oscar Mike
-El Dragon

These are just the characters that get picked THE MOST and I see alot of threads and mentions about nerfing them… the game has come a long way and these characters seem to play pretty well together.

Now characters I didn’t mention because they don’t typically get alot of threads about nerfing or played as often… those characters need some love.

yes I know some one will get on here and say “oh but I play this all the time bla bla bla its great” it may be specifically for your own individual experience seem to be a good character… however… overall I don’t see it… from my own experience the game can be quite frustrating unless you are playing as one of these characters or have a team comprised of characters from that list… coincidence?

Maybe I am just bad, lets just say I am bad, but I still do good with those characters.

Come at me whiskey(weaksauce) foxtrox

My question is have you actually tried to give the other characters a try. And when i say try im talking more than playin 1 or 2 pvp matchs and calling characters trash.

Ps. Whiskey Foxtrot is a beast if ppl just actually learn to play witg him.

The problem with this statement though is that someone really good with whiskey, would do even better with just about any other character.

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Thats true to a certain extent. WF is the best character for getting consistent crit shots. Amd alot of ppl try to play him like OM you cant do that they play way different. Like i said learn to play with him learn his strengths and play to them. Same goes for every character .

Tweaked your title a bit, its now “weak” not “crap” characters, hope you don´t mind.

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With maybe an exception or two (ahem Alani and maybe Miko), the characters you listed aren’t really flat out better than the ones you didn’t. Kelvin has probably the most cc in the entire game, a good Cald is impossible to hit, and Kleese has some of the highest damage potential in the game. The problem is not with the characters, but is a result of mainly two things: ease of use and the solo queue environment.

Most of the characters you listed are pretty easy to use. I don’t think anyone will disagree with the statement that Miko, Oscar Mike, and Marquis are pretty straightforward, and with a bit of awareness and aim, it’s pretty hard to do flat-out bad with them. Except for Él Dragon, the characters you’ve listed are either fast and hard to hit due to their model or have so much health. These characters are much easier to learn, much easier to use, and much easier to excel with mechanically, because there’s less to think about as opposed to playing Deande or Kelvin and trying to make a judgement call with your 20 second cooldown.

The other reason these characters seem so strong is solo queue. By nature, playing with randoms is most likely very disorganized, and you can’t rely on your team very much. So typically you want to pick a versatile character that can complete the objective and take on one or two people by themselves when even. OM and Orendi are the god tier pushers, Rath can spin to win all over a team, and Montana has the highest base dps in the game. All these characters are good at spewing out damage (or their heal is so braindeadedly hard to avoid it just doesn’t happen) which lets them take out objectives and enemies with little help from their unreliable team. Compare a Reyna who can make her team do way more damage with Priority Target, but if they don’t coordinate with her she’s left being sub-par, not because she’s bad as a character but because she can’t be utilized properly in an uncoordinated environment.

(Don’t tell anyone, but I’m absolute garbo with OM.)


I say nerf everyone to Ambra’s level. :stuck_out_tongue:

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