How about daily challenge events instead of grind events

I’d much rather see a list of daily objectives/challenges that reward with a piece of loot instead of a quit-restart grind killing specific enemies during an event.

It’s just not interesting.

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Weekly events allow more players to join in. It’s a better way to do it, in my view. Daily stuff is irritating if it happens on a day you can’t play, whereas a week allows you the opportunity.

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But by making loot tied to specific bosses, how do you do it in multiplayer? Kill boss, quit. Host renters and reinvites and you do it again?

I don’t care if you do it daily, weekly, whatever. My point wasn’t about the frequency of the events. My issue is that for example, I want El Dragon relic. I have now been playing for an hour quitting and restarting in Jakob’s Estate and he has only spawned half the time and has yet to drop a relic.

That’s not an event. And if I tried to do that in multiplayer it would be extremely cumbersome.

The quality of the events needs to improve. Provide challenges instead of “increased chance to drop” events which really could be from 1% chance to drop has increased to 2% chance to drop.

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Why oh why can bosses not have a reset button? “kill boss - loot boss - all players gather at the reset button - rinse - repeat”


The day borderlands adds a time restrain i will just uninstall, please for the love of rngesus dont add weekly, daily or any kind of “ly” to the game, its the worst thing that ever happened to the gaming industry. There are other ways to spice up the daily grind, but dont force me to play at other ppl’s pace, i want my own, if i want to play 30 hours straight, let me, you dont have to. If you want a daily challenge, you can put that on yourself too, i love making up challenges for me, i play hardcore for example, and now i only use vladof, things like that dont annoy the rest of the player base, its just for me, so yeah, no daily, no weekly, please no. insert the office meme here

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This… read this.

But isn’t that what is happening now? We have a farming event that is going to last 24 hours.

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Its an event, not a daily thing, events start and finish and never come back, its called oportunity, not schedule.

Im still not a huge fan of events, but i admit they spice things up sometimes.