How about filling with bots when there are not enough players?

In the last few days, it has been increasingly difficult to get PvP game going (East Coast). I don’t know for how long people would be content to doze for 10 minutes for a chance to play before giving up.

For the game to thrive, players must feel sure that when they choose to play there will always be an adequate number of others. The more people know that they can always play, the more often they will choose Battleborn over other games and the larger the pool of available players would be. Similarly, if the players lose faith, then it is downward spiral from there.

A solution would be to populate the empty slots with bots if 60 seconds have passed and there are less than 10 players matched. The bots can have names and ranks, so that nobody would know that these are not real people. Just keep it possible to start a game in 60 seconds while there are still players showing interest.

Because bots suck and would most likely feed kills to the opposition giving them lvl boosts unfortunately

At least there would be some amount of support. Going up against a full team with only three people kinda sucks.

Not necessarily. Bots can be anywhere between cannon fodder and wrecking gods (as in the original Unreal Tournament). Set them them to behave in the middle range and add a few to each team when there are not enough players.

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If tuned correctly I can see that. Then people will start complaining about how the boys are to OP

Jesus, the bots on Godlike difficulty (UT2K4) were insane.

I think that the “sweet spot” would be where the bots are just a little bit tougher than the average player. This would motivate players to play when bots get assigned to their team. Until the player base grows adequately.