How about GAME MODE based Loot

Something I was thinking about this morning was the fact they have to balance the classes to be equal for PvE and PvP. This means the loot is the same for both.

Now in order to be a good tank - generally in most games - you need a decent healer about, or just be a TANK. Well in a lot of missions you may not have a balanced team, no communication, no healer, and your melee class may think they can take on the world without any problem > this isn’t the case and certainly not in Advanced.

SO: What if you had certain Loot items that could only be used by certain classes in MISSION mode? This would allow tanks to have much higher health, better self healing and not rely on healers. It wouldn’t be hard to implement, and you could easily have the red text to nullify damage output.

So just for example: (Maybe - Rath, Boldur, Gali, Kelvin)

Health item: +720 Health, +280 Health if alive for 180secs, -15% attack damage
Health/Heal: +500 Health, +2% Life on Hit, -10% attack damage
Healing: +25 Healing Per Sec, +15 Healing if alive for 180secs, -10% movement speed
Shield: +500 Shield, -1 sec delay if alive for 180secs, -10% cool down

  • CC Immunity for 3secs etc…
    (more thought to team composition)

These are just thoughts, and i’d like to know what others think. From my point of view so far, I’ve only seen one person TANK in missions, he used Kelvin and used Chomp well. And most Advanced missions I play the team gets hammered early on because nobody can lead the team.

We have ample space for additional items - though we could use more slots - so why not? Even have them individual loot based items?

Thoughts >>