How about Mini Missions

I was thinking this awhile back. I think each mission should have, or should of had a quick 10 to 15min mission between the Main 30 - 45 min ones. Mini mission to better promote othe heros, connect some of the story together, and give players a quicker stages. The Minis coulld even be on the same maps just with different enemies/objectives.


What about including “Check point” starting in all the main missions when playing Private. Would allow farming bosses for drops instead of the whole mission.

I really like this idea, most because of the possibility to give us more lore & story.

BUT: Reading all day how many players have serious issues with Matchmaking-times I highly doubt those will enter long MM for a 10minute-mission… Many wait over 30min for a group. (I´m on XB1, matchmaking is fast here, but many others are not so lucky)

I think it would be an awesome private mode though.

Then set it up on a shorter match-making timer and just let us fly… Besides, these missions would not rely on the skill based system…

That would certainly be best, but as I know nothing about programming or the ways GBX realise their MM its hard to tell if this is an easy implement or a complicated one.

And sure, ELO does´nt matter much in PVE-missions anyway, so it would at least be a tad faster than PvP-MM.

Won’t that be the whole point of the Story Operation Missions? They said it would be shorter (in the play with the dev events). And each Story ops will be about a faction too (Jennerit first through Attikus story, Rogue with Reyna).

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Thought so too. I understood the Operations will be played with one certain Battleborn, just as you said.
Big plus is that GBX said these operations will change every time you play again, regarding bosses and objectives, I´m quiet excited.

Maybe the OP ment mini-missions were you can choose any Battleborn you like, thats why I did´nt mentioned it so far^^

I like this idea and have thought about how to address this need. As a father with an infant child, I don’t like making a team rely on my time schedule when I just want to make some command progress or rank up a character. There is a genuine need for short, solo-play to keep guys like me caught up so we are ready to go when we have time to queue for some PvP or Advanced mission.

Some things that would be essential in my opinion are:

  1. The ability to run solo/designed for solo play to eliminate the queue all together. This could be done with computer controlled characters. Or they could just introduce a 2 person limit.

  2. You’ll still want your 10 levels of perks, so either start at level 5 or even 10, or just kick the XP into overdrive. I say this because it’s most fun to play when leveled up and because you want to practice a fully leveled character a bit.

  3. It doesn’t have to be a full series of mini-missions with one for each character. The devs could make it easier on themselves by making one area/mission where you play for your faction. Thus, you could have 5 ways to play the same mission. So say it’s a battle arena where you fight waves of bosses ala Rendain. Your bosses could be different depending on faction, as could rewards, etc. You could queue for a single boss fight (10-15 minutes), or for a series of 3, etc.

Another way to do this would be the game within a game approach that they used in Tiny Tina - say there is a holodeck somewhere where you load up the program you want to run.

They could ultimately introduce 2 - 3 types of mini mission content. Adding something like this would truly make this the game I play all the time. As it is, I can only play every so often.

  1. This could be tied to an in-game social area where we can hang out and get screen shots, poses, etc. I loved this in Destiny and it would do a bunch for Batleborn. I don’t think this is like, MUST HAVE, but I’d like it.

While I’m on this, it’d be great if we had a command center we got to decorate with our in-game trophies, and things we could buy from the cash shop, so we feel like we are in the world more.


I realize this is a wish list, but the thing is…Battleborn is a game I feel stuck on the outside looking in for many reasons. I feel like a kid with my nose against the glass window of the toy shop, looking at the awesome game, but never really to get immersed in it. Sure if I could play for 2 - 3 hours every time I gamed I might feel different, but if this is a game truly for all kinds of badasses, it feels strangely incomplete when it comes to the point of this thread.

I hope something comes of all this and devs read up. My ideas maybe aren’t the best, I’m open to other ways to fix it, but I did want to add to the conversation to help make it clear to the devs who read these things that we want to spend more time in the game than it allows us to right now.

Console times seem to be better, so it must suck to be a PC player right now.

Yeah, I feel sorry for the PC-playerbase. I never had problems with MM-times, but the PC state seems to be quiet painfull for many gamers…
Its a very difficult situation, I hope GBX find a way to solve this so all platform players have a good experience.

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Private Meltdown against bots is relatively short if you are better than bots) Try it out.


just about to say that. story missions are meant to be a long process with an actually story unlike other games out now.

Just to mention, I’m all for mini-missions. I’m sometimes in a mood to shoot some stuff, but don’t have time to do a full mussion, especially if it’s not a prime time and I have to do it alone. Private Versus is a kind of substitute, but only a kind of.


I did that…for about a week, but it’s a very poor substitute for actual PvE content that fits my busy schedule. Got to the point where I’d load game up to do this, and just decide to do something else because my time was better spent in almost any other game making progress.

Thanks for the suggestion though, it truly is a way to do something! :slight_smile:

Well said!

Yea matchmaking is getting pretty bad.