How About Pre-Load?

It’d be rad if we could download it now so we don’t have to later.

Try it now :slight_smile:

Is where this is already being discussed…

Preload is now up, 4.6 GB for me, looking to be about a 25 minute download, maybe slightly less.

Where is the preload and how do we get it started? I don’t see it as an option in my game list.

Never mind, it just took about 10 minutes to show in the game list before I could start the pre-load.

wait what time does it release because im ready to play but preload option still here

It’ll be out when it’s out, we weren’t given a time… I’d hazard a guess at 12 am CST Gearbox’s time, or 12 am PST considering that’d be Valve’s time.

edit: Steam says tomorrow around noon CST, or when the sale ends is when it’ll unlock…

Just pre-loaded it… 7:45CET germany…

Thank you for the pre-load. now i can do stuff.