How about some new weapon sounds?

While @jmoney1’s sound mods are pretty great, I think a new version would be a nice change of pace. Of course, I don’t have the SDK and can’t implement much outside of my own CustomWeapons. So, I’ve started some internet searching and found some potential new sound effects for some of the weapons. If anybody would like to go ahead and implement any of these, feel free to. Oh, find more sounds if possible!

MG42 (I like both)


Browning M2

Browning 1919


Here is an old video with some more weapons (oh how this film lies about the German weapons), has the M1A1, MG42, Browning 30 cal, the M3 Grease Gun, and the MP40

Well, Queendracwraith, here’s the truth:

-I’m on the final stages of MRW…So, I can’t work on this
-Rendroc is fixing bugs and stuffs…so, I don’t think he can work on this.
-Jmoney is tweaking the campaign maps to make them more realistic…so, I don’t think he can work on this.

If you think this mod will make the BiA series even better, well…Do it yourself! :wink:
If you have win7, install Vmware and start modding!

(Sorry if it sounded rude…wasn’t my intention)

Nah, you’re fine. I really need to find a copy of windows XP though. Also, I’ll just dual boot so I can make maps.

What I would like is what you all think of these weapon sounds. I don’t want to do this if you all don’t think it’s good.

Wow, sounds like you all are busy. :slight_smile: Man, really wish we had the old school bia faces…

I decided to have a little bit of fun…

Well, first of all:
YOU ARE USING A SOOOO F***ING OLD VERSION OF THE MRW MOD! The thompson texture sucks so bad and the garand reciever isn’t as good as the one in the latest version!
Second, well…BiA has a strange 3D sound system: even if you’re far away from the sound source, you can still hear it as if you were pretty close to it. That’s why I didn’t mod the weapon’s sound that much.

Oh, and, about the MG, well…it doesn’t soun “crispy” enough imho.

Since all I play is MP, I only use EiB. I don’t really have any reason to keep RtH30 updated with the latest outside of CommandMod. I’m using RtH30 as a testing platform so I don’t screw something up with what I actually use.

As for the sound, I personally like it. But yeah, the 3D sound system is weird (still sounds cool though).

@jmoney1 would it be possible to make my sounds work with your sound mod? I want to change some of the sounds, but your mod has some great sounds in it. No need to fix what ain’t broke.

Haha first of all my sounds are so good and come from real recordings. But if you manage to find something similar and want t replace them, you might just do as I do and replace the actual sound file via the editor. I’m not sure how that will work with the sounds mutator. Because I updated all of my sounds by replacing original ones. And if I ever want to swap it out… I do so via the editor.

Just because they are from real recordings doesn’t mean they are super good. After all, cameras pick up sound differently than our ears do. With that said, I like your sound mod. I just think some of your sounds could be better. I only want to change a few and keep everything else you have and I’m pretty sure using the sound editor would be very time consuming to do every single sound.

It is time consuming but that’s what makes it so fun! You get to get in there and be creative and start something knew. Nothing beats it when your own work is in the game.