How about we fix the game, instead of nerfing

I don’t understand this nerfing b.s., yes I know all gearbox wants you to do is use different builds. But it’s not borderlands anymore and how it used to be. It was once that shooter looter I used to fall back onto when I couldn’t find a game to play because it felt nice being able to wreck havoc with over powered weapons but its not like that anymore I have almost 200 hours just on moze and you don’t want to know how times I’ve had to respec because a weapon gets nerfed and I can’t kick as much but as I used to. Why not keep it to something like diablo where instead of nerfing everything just make harder difficulties because at this point. Or maybe if gearbox can get it into there head and not Nerf every weapon that gives players sense of relief and add more enemy buffs instead like how the previous mayhem’s were like that actually gave players a challenge. It wasn’t the boost in health that gave players trouble it was the modifiers that were applied that made us build around what we are fighting. I can’t even finish the game on my Zane because tannis won’t talk to me after killing troy. Now that that’s a true bug that needs to be fixed, cause the only way to get passed it is joining another person’s session to get passed it. I’ve been a die hard borderlands player since the beginning and pushed myself to getting every achievement in every game and now I don’t even know if I want to continue playing borderlands cause it’s nothing like it used to be.

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