How Alani has changed

I know there’s a lot of complaints out there about Alani’s nerf, but I think it’s safe to say now that the innitial splash has settled and we aren’t feeling waves of angry emotions anymore, at least for no just reason.

Alani is still powerful, in fact, she still does the most damage on her team in a lot of matches.

Her range is still really good, she just cant snipe you with pellets of water.

She can still hold you in the air and let a teammate insta kill you.

She still heals for the same amount, which keeps her extremely tanky still (the only way to actually kill her 1v1 is to dodge or deal a lot of burst damage, not that most characters can’t do that, it’s just that you can’t just shoot her like people may suggest)

She can still push you back and gain health and osmosis stacks for more health, and speed up team mates.

She’s basically not broken anymore, but still really powerful.

I think the only problem is that people get scared when they see large numbers on a screen. 18% damage nerf? Symbiotic gauntlet can givee you 19.6% more damage if you retain full health, which slowly drains as your health does. Shayne has a lvl 12 mutation that increases her damage by 18% while she has shields. I can add almost 40% more damage to S&A or even more to Phoebe with gear and helix choices, and no one seems to care all too much. And with gear you can get your damage back. I don’t see the problem. And her abilities are useful because of the control aspect, not the damagee they deal. Moree like the damage they allow her to deal. And she still gets her -0.5 sec. cooldown time per hit which is rediculous.

The point is, Alani is still a high tier character, but not as powerful as she used to be, and that’s good. Honestly, i think the damage increase while held in mid air is still a little much, but hey, I’m happy with what they’ve done to alani.

At first I thought the torrent distance nerf was going to really trouble me but after playing her the nerf that really brings her down is the wave shock DPS nerf. She’s supposed to be a controller and that nerf really hinders that aspect of her of controlling the lane. I really hope they bring it back up to 81 OR increase riptide duration to 6 seconds. Blight and Napalm grenade last 6 so I don’t see a problem with her riptide lasting just as long.

I’d be very interested to see the stats of the rest of the team if this current version of Alani is dealing the most damage.

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She is a controller not a pusher. She shouldnt be able to clear a whole wave with one skill.
She can still control by pushing enemies back and speeding up her allies.
I can still hold off 2 people with her and stop them from entering the battle area.
Ridtide can last 6 seconds with her helix.

Neither is thorn but she still excels at pushing and her blight basically can destroy a whole wave with one.

I am very well aware it can last 6 seconds with her level 9 helix. Make the default 6 and and the helix will extend that to 9.

But why?
Thorn blight doesnt speed up allies or push back should we make that do it too?
Your comparing one bit of to completely different things.
thorn does more damage over a small area.
Alani less damage over a langer area and also speeds up and pushs back.
buffing the duration buffs her healing from her helix. She doesnt need a buff.

No but it slows, deals damage, and can do a lot more depending on what you do with her helix. How am I comparing two completely different things? My point is a lot of character do roles a lot better than what they are categorized.

Riptide should be able to push back minions as well and then she would be a real controller.

Thats with helixs.
Because ones a circle attack the other is a long line that pushs back and speeds up from level 1.
Riptide is closer to el dra clothline then thorn bright.
Buff the duration also increase shock wave damage why nerf something to buff even more?

Riptide alone without a helix is literally a small push with one hit thats worth 40 some damage which is pathetic. The speed boost is also really sad. [quote=“puunchbag193, post:8, topic:1523847”]
Buff the duration also increase shock wave damage why nerf something to buff even more?

Then decrease the DPS? Make it 40 DPS for 6 seconds. Which basically is a slightly weaker version than the original and remove the 3 seconds duration helix option with something else.

Furthermore increasing the duration of riptide will buff her left level helix option. 51 heals per second? Really? Thats it? There is no incentive to go for that option than her other one.

So i am confused you want to buff the duration but nerf the dps so its the same dps so that it has no benfit other duration so its a unnesscary change in order to make it the same duration as thorn skill because what? Just seems like you want it to be 6 seconds for the sake of it being 6 seconds.
O you want to make it the same as it was before nerf even though it was nerf for doing to much damage which is just as silly keep her as is

Actualy once you get the it to 6 seconds they is only about 100 heals in it and riptide cooldown is shorter and more likely to hit people with riptide then ges

Yes and no, so currently it does 54 DPS for 3 seconds which equals 162 damage. If they decrease the DPS to 40 for 6 seconds it is 240. The original was 81 for 3 seconds for a total of 243.

So you want to undo the nerf basicaly

*Basically, yes. Wave shock didn’t do a lot of damage, people were just too lazy to get out of because they would just brush it off. Its not like it slows anyone and was really easy to get out of.

It cleared minons waves was probably the best skill to do it as well and it wasnt a small circle it was the whole lane, it still does a good job.
She doesnt need a buff and this would be a buff to her damage as it would be the same as before her healing would be better if you chosse the helix and speeding up allies for longer.
I am going make a poll on her current state as alot say she is balence now however they is quite a few on both sides who say to is underpowered and overpowered.

If you are referring to blight, isn’t a small circle and can clear a whole lane as well. [quote=“puunchbag193, post:14, topic:1523847”]
I am going make a poll on her current state as alot say she is balence now however they is quite a few on both sides who say to is underpowered and overpowered.

I personally find her balanced now but buffing her wave shock wouldn’t make her OP again. Most a Alani players I run into always go with wet blanket anyway.

yes both can clear minion waves but alani effect the full lanes while thorns is a circle that in terms of area of effect is alot smaller .
was reffening to riptide plus shockwave as the best skill for clear a minion wave(pre nerf)

I’m pretty sure controller is referring to her being a strong CC character. The damage nerf does not hinder her CC capabilities. She still has the same knockback, the same stun, and benefits more from her slow helix then her damage helix. Even pre-nerf. Increasing the max duration to 9 seconds is just ridiculous. She is a complex character. Which means that her helix has more give and take than others. It’s ridiculous to me that you’re suggesting combining two of her playstyles into one. Not to mention, that she would need a massive rework if increased riptide duration were implemented.

I believe the lane holders fall under the territorial category.

Erm what are u all chattinf about…

Alani dont 1 shot minion waves with a single riptide even with the “wave shock” helix on and i know this by playing alani alot before the hp nerf then the damage nerf

Alani requires 2-3 riptides to clear 1 minion wave… where a thorn can just drop blight deal more damage and slow the wave down

Alani pushback dont work on minions as well as it should all it does it knock them slightly in the air and a very small distance back like mega short that u barely notice they been pushed back

This is becoming annoying now… players posting crap about alani and u all need shooting

FALSE accusations for alani

  • she cannot heal 1%-100% in 1 heal
  • she cannot clear minion waves with 1 riptide
  • she cannot solo kill u in a geyser
  • she cannot spam heal
  • she dont do better dps then most characters

All these accusations are from bad players in the game that dont know nothink and point fingers all the time

If ur being out damage by alani u need to step up ur play style… and if ur checking the score board for damage done in PVP … please shoot urself in the foot… all that damage done is against AI … if oscermike or benedict did there jobs correctly they be top of the damage but nah they too busy chasing down players and never touch minions at all

Alani is a strong controller and she stomps on bad players hard which is why we have multiple threads demanding nerfs because alani is a skill check to fish out bad players

If and alani is top of kills … u beeb sniped a lot by her within the game and got outplayed by the team or was too foolish to try and kill her whilst she 100% of the time defending her sentry (FYI it will shoot u if it sees u)

Alani was fine and did not need a nerf… the most buff needed in game is buff the players skill and not nerf the characters

The most characters that need serious nerfing is actually

  • rath
  • galilea

These 3 characters are impossible to kill due to there ultility and helix choices

Galilea needs a nerf to her pull > silence > stun > dead combo
Rath needs a nerf to his smash > crossblade > dreadwind > dead combo

There is no way to counter these … players say quick melee… players say slow em… but in reality u cannot counter any of these skills if chained together

But u all wanted alani nerf??? Cause she did a little damage and midcore heals?? Ok this is when u realise that the community is bad

I mean even as shayne as aurox… with the stun on fetch i will be atless 10% hp before i can get the stun off on rath… which he will kill me in 2 auto attacks,… galilea the pull silence stun combo is ultra deadly and if she and if she at max corruption ur as good as dead she will chase u and chip the remaining health of u which u had left to survive the massive CC chain she have

I have been on both sides of alani… she was balanced if i can killl a good player alani with shayne and aurox pre health nerf. Im pretty sure all the other characters can kill her a lot quicker then shayne can

FALSE accusations for alani

she cannot heal 1%-100% in 1 heal. Depends on the character and gear but mostly no she cant
she cannot clear minion waves with 1 riptide. not anymore but she could that or my riptide were magic
she cannot solo kill u in a geyser. not anymore but she could
she cannot spam heal She can is just not very good
she dont do better dps then most characters no she doesnt but her dps was very high for a support.

2=3? :confused:[quote=“alekie1990, post:18, topic:1523847”]
FALSE accusations for alani

she cannot heal 1%-100% in 1 heal

I was able to do this pre-nerf with the right gear. I still feel that this need a nerf itself. It shouldn’t be 50% of her healing power, but 50% of her health. As it is, you can stack both heal power and healing received gear to boost self heals. If they adjust it to 50% of her health, then only healing received mods will affect her health self heals.