How alive is this game?

Hello everyone, my first post here. So I’ve been playing BL2 since it came out, got a lot of characters on level 61, have the goty edition, never went further, so no op levels. I’ve played it so much I got sick of it at one point and just left, my gold membership expired.

Recently, a couple of weeks ago, I started playing again, determined to beat every side mission the game, I just have too much free time nowadays. But riding solo all the time gets lonely. I’ve been thinking of buying a new gold membership and firing this game up to enjoy the wonders of multiplayer again.

My question is though, how many players are in the game on a regular basis? Like are people as invested in this as they once were or? Having in mind the next gen versions are out, and a lot of people seem to play on steam. I’m uncertain.

More and more are transitioning to XB1/Handsome Collection. There are still some playing on 360, as you can see from other posts in this thread looking for partners. Honestly though, it’s going to get harder and harder to find games on-line (especially once the Holiday season is over.)

One thing to keep in mind: if you should decide to take advantage of sale pricing and switch to XB1 as well, KEEP YOUR 360 UNTIL YOU’VE TRANSFERRED YOUR SAVES. You can’t just move them all to the Cloud Sync folder on your 360; they have to be transferred one at a time using the in-game menus.

Well, thank you for your answer. I’ve been looking everywhere about the player base on here and could never find a good answer. So I guess it’s on the brink of dying. I don’t plan on buying a new console just to play it all again. Might get it on steam though, the player base there is average 5k people per day or just buy a 1 month gold to play it for the holiday season and say my goodbyes.

I may be reading wrong and if so I apologize, but if you transfer a character/s save/s from the 360 to the One, you do not start the game from scratch, you start from where you left off on the 360

But still, buying a whole new console. Maybe it’s cheap in the states, but here in Europe it’s really expensive.

With the new versions of both XB1 and PS4 launched/in the pipeline, you should be able to get a decent price on one of the original systems (either new or used). If you already have a decent gaming PC then sure, that is extra $$$ spent. On the other hand, if you don’t have the hardware then a console isn’t that expensive relative to a good gaming PC, and you’ll have the benefit of transferring all your 360 saves over!

Another thing in favour of the XB1 (and this is what decided me on finally upgrading) is the backwards compatibility feature. So I now have original Borderlands, Fallout 3 & NV, Gears 3, Halo Wars and Reach all on the XB1. (Plus my son added L4D and L4D2.) That’s an awful lot of good games you can continue to play out of the box using your original 360 saves to start with. If you bought them digitally, you can just download them to the XB1. If you bought the main game disk, you throw it in and the XB1 will download the full digital version including all DLC. Finally, if you have XBL Gold you will be (1) able to share that with family (ie any additional Gamer profiles you nominate) (2) share games with friends and (3) get all kinds of stupid deals every month through “Free with Gold”.

Basically what I’m saying is, Microsoft is desperate for you to buy an XB1 and keep playing in their ecosystem, so they’ve made the pot as sweet as they can.