How am I losing hp with a full shield? [Moxxi DLC boss spoiler]

About 12 seconds in, how do I lose enough hp to trigger Last Stand, yet my Transformer stays full the entire time?

your granades annointment, it doesn’t play nice with transformer.

Im wrong…in this instance it looks like your being shot with the amigo sincero

I don’t think I’ve had any issues with shock anointments hurting my hp and skipping my Transformer. I don’t know how my rockets would have hurt me with 0 points in Torgue Cross Promotion anyway.

No habla Espanol

i’ve heard there’s some kind of bug with grande / shield shock annointments and transformer, it causes self damage.

Oh weird. Guess it’s a good thing I had a Last Stand artifact on then

The Amigo Sincero is a gun from the BL2 Commander Lilith DLc. It completely ignores shields.

Obviously thw other poster is being a smart-mouth before I had a chance to, since they have no idea why your shields got ignored.

I remember that gun, but not by name. Somehow I don’t think it was involved here :wink:

You might be standing in a shock puddle that the Fabricator sends out so you get hit hard enough to break the shield and trigger the last stand and the shield instantly recharges because of the puddle?

I’m immune to shock damage so seems unlikely.

sometimes you can get damaged so hard you don’t even see the transformer break and you die (right when the transformer is filling/full)
probably a bug, so send a bug report

What I’m thinking is that you get hit with non-shock damage that breaks shield and triggers last stand and the shock puddle recharges it instantly. In the time it takes to get out of Iron Bear you might get hit by one of those big rockets raining down that you won’t see. I’ve had similar experiences with the transformer on in that location. Or maybe you did self damage but I don’t know if that triggers last stand.

I died the same way so I have the answer : Those poodle are the after effect of some very mean missile falling. The area on the ground is marked in red where a missile is going to fall (you couldn’t see it inside the iron bear).

Those missile one shot. They’re the same as those of maliwan take down.

IF you re-do the boss in an higher difficulty so it last a bit longer, you’ll see his pattern of missile

I just had it happen where I jumped out of Iron Bear and got hit hard by the mortar rocket thing and triggered last stand. Then the shock puddle that Fabricator sends out recharges the shield.

That was done on TVHM M4

It wasn’t close enough to the IB exit to think that contributed to it, but I could see that missile exploding while I’m on an electric puddle causing me to simultaneously losing enough to go into Last Stand, yet my shield recharging quickly as well. Just just odd that the shield never appears to go down at all.

After a number of tests, it comes down to this 1 attack, the fact you have a last stand artifact on makes sence as its supposedly an electric attack which still heals shields after immunity; its hitting so hard that it replenished your shield at the same instant

That’s pretty crazy, but explains why I haven’t seen that happen before

Its also good to note that IB is completely immune to this attack
Edit - further testing shows immunity to only the aoe damage, a direct hit will squash ib :pensive: