How Am I Supposed To Punch Rendain In The Face?

It’s one of the reasons why i’m ONLY playing with BB’s I want to, and not being forced into too many of these challenges just for a trophy. Some of the BB’s have VERY easy ones, others have really poorly thought up ones. Has taken me a long time to get Thorn’s Volley jump kills. Took away the fun for me.

Best of luck, hopefully some of the tips here will help. And hopefully when the game gets it’s first full update with the DLC most of the lore challenges will be fair.

Majority of the lore challenges are very simple and easy the only ones that can be rough are when you have to play with or against certain characters and Toby’s double kills… Other than those there’s not much challenge to many of them at all… I fact you get most of them done by playing 3 to 4 games with each charecter

Oh really. Well I’m sure the rest of the community will disagree with you on that one. But that’s your view.


My experience was the same. I played on advanced mode solo and took 3 runs to finish it. All in all, Attikus’ lore challenge was probably on the easy side, not quite as easy as Oscar Mike or Ambra’s, but not a grind like Reyna or Caldarius’, and certainly not Toby’s.

Thorn volley jump kills are actually kinda easy if you focus on getting those volley kills instead of just kills in general.
Ofc the amount requires a LOT of games to even get close to finishing it. I think I manage to finish that lore in maybe 30 PVP matches? Which is ok since I need to level her to 15 anyway. Also after completing it, I realised I secure a LOT more kills with volley while jumping since its easier to hit almost all the arrows after bouncing it on the floor. Maybe that’s the purpose of the lore. HOWEVER it does force you to play in a specific way which does suck if you dont like to.
Still better than kill x character 25 times. That’s even worst. And also toby’s one where your ult has to get a double kill. One is hard enough… asking for double… yea…

@topic, just spam it. It doesnt need charges. Also crits depends on ping so I suggest solo so you can get a green ping. Location data is saved in server, many a times you melee and you end up hitting what WAS there and not what IS there.

Also melee has swinging animations that DO affect where you hit. As one of the users above mentioned, aim too near and you hit to the left (in your screen the right side) of the enemy.

Very obvious since a lot of melee character do twirls when melee, rath and gal for example. your spin hits a 360 degree. Which means the aiming reticule doesn’t really help.

At this point I would say wait for the lore update to come out, this is one of the challenges I see them making easier and if they don’t well then I don’t know.

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something that someone told me that help alot . when your fighting rendain with his shield up, after you take out his shield and right b4 the cut scene starts he kneels on the ground, you shoud be able to get 2-3 free punches. and the same thing when you take out his health when he is doing the seizure thing that he does.

U think that one challenge is bad? U clearly have not seen all of WF’s

Who else read ur post with mr. Tourges voice?

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I aimed for the chin and once I started doing that I got my last 9 hits in two runs (and a few extra because I like punching Rendain’s smug face). It can be a bit tough, but once you get your timing and aiming down it’s fairly easy.


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Lol :joy:

I got all 12 yesterday, which makes it twice that i have done this challenge (once on xbone and once on ps4). It’s frustrating and tough, but far from impossible.

So far i’ve killed rendain 4 times now (once with a group of 2 other friends) and all those times i’ve just been rightclicking quickly, not charging it, just doing it and trying to crit until rendain dies.

I really wish these things were atleast tested before just thrown out because all the other rendain related lores are super easy, just deal some damage x.x

I dont even understand WHY its 12 times, does it say that in the lore?
is the number 12 important to attikus? x.x
Because if not then I dont get why it couldn’t have been 5, or ONE >3>

But point is i have 11 crits so far, i was really annoyed that when i got my 11th crit and rendain still had 1/3 health yet i couldnt even get my last crit which means i need to do heliophage all over again and pray RNGesus grants me a critical x.x

The way I did it the second time was way less chaotic than the first time i did this. In a solo run, I led him over to the upper level of Bliss, using the tall pillar to block his projectiles from hitting me. Once he was with me, i would spam that secondary on his face, maybe even get the crit (that’s the frustrating part, though I wonder if the Stable Executioner could be used to cheese that). When he used the spinning blades of knockback hell, I would get on top of the storage crates and punch him from up there (assuming he was close enough. Got more consistent crits from being above him), or I would go to the opposite side of that platform and let him come to me. I did it in 5 solo runs, though.

While I agree that it is an absolute trudge, it feels so good to get it -w-

The easiest way to nail this; Go with a lifesteal build taking hedronic regeneration at level 5, you won’t die on normal because your regen is too high with 5 charges… Take your time and you’ll make it… The only boss that annoys me here is the gunhulk…

It’s super weird trying to land the hits. Unlike other melee, where it seems to check if the strike passes over the critical spot, you have to make the fist actually touch his face. While I am not a reliable source, (I’m sure I just got lucky a lot of the time) but it worked better when I didn’t have a charged gauntlet. Oh, and just spam the ■■■■ out of your secondary attack. It doesn’t need to charge up at all.

I just nailed this.

  1. From the start I jumped to the top of the blue area where the Verelsi camp.
  2. Lure Rendain up there.
  3. The hits didn’t count until his shield was down, I punched a bunch of times, no good.
  4. Soon as his shield is down charge your secondary melee and land it on his face!

Got it first try once the shield was down.

Don’t have to charge it, just tap.
And I got it at the end of the first fight by walking up to him when it was transitioning to the cutscene.