How are people so high level already?

I’ve played a decent chunk since the game released and I’m only level 16, I’m getting matched with people 50+. I see a duo right now both level 59. HOW? The leveling in this game is slooooooowwwwww, is there some secret or bonuses I don’t know about?

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You’re just slow, I guess. I’ve been playing 3-4 hours a day and I’m level 35.
Also: Seems like PvE is faster than PvP.

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Look out to complete challenges, tier 5 ones specifically. They all offer a big chunk of xp and credits, 500 xp for the 5th tier ones. I’m level 47 and i’m always keeping an eye out on my challenge

Some people are just more able or more willing to put that much time into the game really. I love Battleborn, but its been years since I felt comfortable spending a majority of my off-work hours in one game.

the challenge log , look at it , and do them ., but does it really matter your command rank after 40’s , since just a epeen score., since buy then at 40 it all unlock and you be surprised how bad some them 50’s+ play in pvp , and when see some good lv15 friends pvp , there like wtf happened.

They just have more free time on their hands than you do.

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Who cares, you’ll unlock characters faster than you’ll be able to pick up anyway.

The pve thing. Pve bets alot of command, and a ton of easy challenges early on. Focus on the challenges like others said and you can get up there fast.

Pvp if you are not winning, or the other team surrenders you don’t get much xp.