How are the pets now? 23/7 patch

Scorcher got fixed that’s for sure tho they mentioned the other pets recieved a buff kinda intrested what it is like

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Testing now


Very nice that you take time for this!
My network is so slow atm I will not be able to test until tomorrow lmao :rofl::sweat_smile:

They are GARBAGE. Im so mad right now. The scorching spiderant is a shadow of its former self. It’s base attack and and fireball is stronger but it doesn’t even almost make up for its lava pool being fixed. It’s attack rate is slow still.

Edit: I’ve only tested the scorcher

The bugged version of the spiderant was BARELY competitive. If they failed to buff its overall damage to at least match the level of the bugged lava pool then its a nerf. Period

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Video uploading

So far only gunslinger. He does almost 30mil per rocket, but he kills himself with his own splash all the time now. It’s pretty off putting.

I won’t do all of them, but I will see about Countess, Scorcher, and Beefcake.


How in the heck are you seeing 30 mil? I’m seeing 4 mill tops

Did not notice any change in my Great Horned Skag. No noticeable damage still :frowning:
My Scorcher actually went down a few times. That wasn’t happening prior to this. Still trying to figure out why…

I see no buffed damage either

Splash damage and Deadeye on M10.

EDIT: Uploading, but here’s Beefcake. His normal attacks (3m) do almost as much as his attack command (5m), but with Hollow-point you can use his attack command for AOE clear. Feels really solid.


What equations is going into normal attacks? Mine is doing damage like its not on m10

Normal attacks? Scorcher should be able to hit over 1mil without gamma.

7.5 * (1.105)^60 * 1.75* 4.5 * 51 = 1,203,978
With Gamma it should be hitting about 1.72, not counting atomic aroma either.

Its damage should about equal what the pool did with no pet damage, BUT it does that damage all the time instead of when the pet decides to spam it, so unless your Scorcher was spamming lava pools 24/7 it should actually about equal out.

BTW - Countess.

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Does the Gunslinger AC work with Gamma Burst active?? I know he loses his gun, but can he still pull that launcher outta his arse? This would remedy the self splash issue as well as add some radiation damage no?

You can, but you’ll deal 25% of the damage you would’ve without Gamma. And trust me, I’ve done extensive testing with pets at this point, without the splash bonuses they can’t kill a damn thing.


Well damn, it was worth a shot lol

Hmm still find it weird splash damage has more of a say in the damage your pet can do rather then the skills. So is the patch a failure as far as fl4k’s pets are concerned or a success in your eyes?

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I personally have found pet damage to be about the same before and after the patch. How the numbers work out, I couldn’t say, buuuuut - pet killed stuff before today’s patch, pet kills stuff after today’s patch. Regardless of the math, pets are still effective. Which is nice LOL

Uploading, but here is Scorcher with Gamma. Haven’t played Gamma in months and this Red Fang is trash for pet damage. Doesn’t help I couldn’t score kills to keep up IPS, MDG, and Psycho Head. This is what AFK does for ya

Gunslinger can deal over 80mil damage on attack command with the right set up. Does noticeable damage to story bosses. Beefcake hits 3mil basic attacks and easily kills enemies on his own. Hollow-point chains are hitting much higher now,

Will it be good in True GTD? Probably not, but for 90% of play even on M10 pets should be significantly better now even without splash pets.


After doing a couple of runs thru some maps yea they can kill stuff way more consistently but I still can’t say if pets are worth investing into or not I mean ima try to get some splash equipment and see how that feels with it. Did a Gamma Burst run without rad fang even used trainer still ain’t worth a damn. I wouldn’t reccommend.

Gamma has sucked for pet builds for a while.

Try Beefcake Jabber with Rakk or Fade, you’ll see it killing things and you won’t need to invest in splash gear. Honestly, if I didn’t love blowing up mobs with Countess so much, I could switch over to Beefcake. It’s really solid imo.

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