How are the pets now?

The patch hasn’t dropped yet in the UK apparently and I’m keen to know how Fl4k’s pets are. Has anyone been able to test them? Are they any good now? I was thinking of picking up my Fl4k again with a pet build for the DLC.

I’m watching Joltzdude on Twitch right now and his spiderant is killing some bad guys. I saw 2m damage on one of them. He’s on Mahem 10 and don’t even have any points in Master tree.

Ooooooooooooo YES! Finally :grin:

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Lava pool hits 4 mil. One shots anointed Goliath on M10.

They gucci


I’m not 100% sure but I think pets might be getting the ground breaker Guardian rank buff


ive only tested gunslinger jabber so far. the rocket launcher can 3 shot basic mobs now! if the damage was upped way more, or some way to increase the volley, id spec into the attack cooldown skill.

this made me so happy holy ■■■■


That would make sense. They get other GR perks like Hollowpoint too.

Splash damage my dude. At least on M4 you could already one rocket trash

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ah they’re affected by splash dmg bonuses? sweet B) thanks!

Okay yeah I’m sure they’re getting Guardian rank Buffs my pet just hit 72 million


Well it looks like I’ll be running through the DLC with a Red Fang pet build. Ugggggh finally :joy::sweat_smile:


Yup Spiderant is hitting for 2 mil with fire puddle it can delete badasses

Zane’s clone is very poor.

I hate to be that guy, but a facepuncher should do it.

Pets are really being propped up by Groundbreaker. I imagine that things are going to happen. But the clone should still proc facepuncher, and if it scales with AS damage than it should be OK methinks.

I’m intrigued to see what a good pet build will look like. It sounds like they do enough damage that we won’t need to perform feats of parkour around the skill trees in order to to pick up every pet bonus and do enough damage.

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Yeah. Even with the bugged Hunter skills, Cosmic Stalker may end up being the best anyway now

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lol that’s not the answer

Does FP Groundbreaker not work with clone, or do you mean it’s cheesy?

If the former, that sucks. If it’s the latter, then when life gives you cheddar make a queso friend :wink:

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I should not have to use the last skill in guardian rank and a facepuncher for Zane’s clone to do some damage. The buff put him to just over 3k damage per shot in Mayhem 10. And also doesn’t even affect double barrel.

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I heard some pet abilities weren’t scaling either. Still trying to confirm myself. Dakka bear is canceling out IB scaling. Random thought: spec out of Boom Enhance and see what happens. I feel like that fix to allow Bear and Clone to scale may have messed something up for these skills.

Do the action skill rolls on gear work for clone though?

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