How are these sound issues still a thing 6 months in?

Since day 1, if I am playing Co-op with someone then half the time I can’t hear the dialogue. I’ve googled over and over and I’ve never found an solution for this, and yet it’s still happening 2 DLCs in.

The thing is, half the time I don’t even know that there’s dialogue going on because there’s just pure silence on my end - no subtitles and no pop-up that shows a characters face, so my story advances and I never get to hear that dialogue again. I bought this game to play with my friends and fiancé, I don’t want to have to run every single story, mission and DLC again just so I know what they say. That just ruins the experience.

I see that there’s tons of people bringing these sorts of issues in the tech, but no responses. Fix. It.

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