How are u killing the 3 remaining hours?

I’m trying death by chocolate here … :acmaffirmative:


At work, so I guess working.

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Just like bionicpope…working

I’ll be playing Destiny till the test starts. That’s really the only game I’ve been playing lately.


Sleeeeeeeepp, more time to play the game if you have more energy to put in no?

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Just playing overwatch c:

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Merasmissions I guess…

Having some fun in Pre Sequel until launch :sunny:

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I’m watching the CS:GO Dreamhack tournament. :3 Just watched my bae team NiP win! All the while my PS4 is just staring at me, wondering when the CTT is out so that I can play it for hours straight again.

What do you think of Overwatch Zakkle3?

So far, I haven’t been impressed with it. I have probably put in about 4 - 5 hours since Tuesday. It is still new, but the hype faded fast.

I am playing fable legends until this beta opens up.

Destiny until the launch, I’m hoping to get some exotic engrams at 320!

It has been super over hyped imo, but I mean I’m going to be playing a lot of it, it’s just not as “amazing” as everyone was on about…

– Just fixed up my account, so different name;) –

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Ehrmmm … a bit off topic, are we? :cop:

Notice me Senpai

I think it will be a game that I play off and on, pop in for a round or two. I am really looking forward to Battleborn though. I am hoping that they add a Battleborn with a revolver. I always end up using revolvers the most.

Since its goddamn fall here I´ve to scrap leaves in our garden…

Learning how to use React.js :smiley:

I will take a nap :smile:

Working 2 of them then driving home in the last hour… should get home just in time :smiley: