How are you being Sustained?

So with the game’s future mapped out more clearly now, here’s a question for everyone. What future prospect, big or small, is holding your interest and inspiring you to keep playing?

I’ll kick it off with something that’s small but which fills me with immeasurable joy:

“Rank 20 titles also use the chibi battleborn art.”

Words cannot adequately describe my fuzzy feelings at the prospect of having a chibi Mellka next to my name. I intend to be one of the first to have her rank 20 title, and you better believe I’ll be flaunting it. :heart:

Your turn!


Multiple things really!

  1. I still find the overall gameplay experience highly enjoyable, and it’s really unique so I can’t replace it with something else.
  2. Increased level cap, specifically on characters. I can appreciate the Command rank increase, but the character ranks are going to be a lot of fun to finally get more progress beyond master and how the rank 20 titles are inspired by the community’s view of the characters! Miko, here I come!
  3. Thanks to @FlamesForAll, I got a much higher chance to play with other people now as I more or less exlusively solo-qeued because I haven’t had people to play with. So now it’s a lot more enjoyable if I’m going to conti ue to olay with others!
  4. Getting Diamond scoring in the various story missions, will wanna get those at the very least on all miasions on normal, hopefully on advanced hardcore and beyond that I don’t care too much!

Edit: 5. The upcoming story Ops, especially Phoebe’s journey to the heart of Ekunaar (can’t remember the proper name now)!


Eh… I just really love Battleborn, and don’t need a reason. It would PROBABLY involve Toby though…

Picks up hard copy of Battleborn that i no longer need since buying the digital deluxe edition for under $23.

I just can’t quit you!

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Beatrix!!!. If she’s all about range and debuffs she is right up my alley. Leveling everyone to 20, was close to getting everyone to 15 and I am sure happy we get more skins and ranks.

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Because it’s fun. Simple as that. Good old-fashioned fun.

Also hyped for the next Ops, and hoping that we might get more characters released further after that. (No chance but still hoping)

So long as I can enjoy playing Rath, I will keep playing this game. It’s the only reason I need.

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Does he talk to you, the way Mellka talks to me? Whenever you make a mistake, do you hear an internal “What were you thinking?”


No, but i’m slowly losing my identity to all the Toby role-playing i’ve been doing on these forums. Does THAT count?

@blainebrossart1 isn’t far behind either…


These forums


Yes, not so much as to my immediate mistakes but more about my enemies. 1v1 with another Rath and he makes mistakes I hear, “imbecile”, When they start running it’s, “oh, where is your HONOR!?” and when a teammate or myself is taunted it’s, “You’ll pay for this” Re-spawning is either, “I am not so easily bested” or “the following murder spree is a REVENGE murder spree”.

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I refer on mic to an enemy Mellka as “bullsh**t Mellka,” which probably sounds really aggressive to anyone who doesn’t know it’s a quote.

Also reminds me of the all-time classic ditto kill line where she calls her clone “Diet Mellka.” Haha. (there’s also a gag in there about how that’s a diet I wouldn’t mind going on, but gotta keep things family friendly)

Oh, yeah! Sustainment #2: the fact that I still hear new voice lines when I play. Seriously, how many lines of banter are there in this game? It’s astonishing.


My Rath v Rath fights usually start like this, “Ah, finally. Something worth my time” and end almost always end with me walking away with all my health, “I’m such a disappointment”[quote=“EdenSophia, post:11, topic:1552045”]
Oh, yeah! Sustainment #2: the fact that I still hear new voice lines when I play. Seriously, how many lines of banter are there in this game? It’s astonishing.

I swear they add new dialogue for story missions in the major patches.

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Beatrix for now. A sniper support who focuses on buffs and debuffs with a needle arm just seems so…awesome. Hopefully another batch of heroes are released in the future. They also mentioned a new PvP mode in the future. They mentioned the last OPS mission, phoebe and the heart of eukenar*? Gives us more information on what’s going on in the universe. So, a lot to look forward to, that’s what keeps me playing every now and then :smile:

On the note of quotes, I heard marquis say something like " ugh, I can smell the stench of patchouli from here" when I was against a Mellka/Thorn, I laughed out loud. It was the way he said it, Silly, but still :grin:

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Haha, it has to have been Teshka. Mellka has a similar but rather less subtle quip when she kills Thorn: “Friggin’ hippy chick!”

Actually, Mellka has a ton of really harsh one-liners for her… “Go cry to Boldur about it”


I should add, I’m curious about Beatrix too. If she really does have a childish streak, she could be quite funny (maybe she can hang out with Shayne, Orendi, and Kid Ultra? Rugrats meets Battleborn)

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Critical charged hooks knocking out half someone’s hp… and using Hedronic Eruption to 100-0 people :grin:


Do you know what triggers a full slif rant line? Most of it is bleeps?


The face Attikus makes as he rushes around with that fist primed. Stuff of nightmares.

@epicender584 Play as Gali or Benny, get a kill on him in which you only do <100 damage, double-taunt, then quit the match. The line that follows will be the Slif Rage equivalent of a penta. :stuck_out_tongue: (kidding Slif you know we love you!)


Also oh, it appears I miscommunicated. I meant the line is just a string of curses. Only heard it on outskirts but it was pretty amusing

Haha, the Mellka swearing fit? She does it when she’s affected by crowd control. Girl hates to be slowed.