How are you getting back Health as a Moze player?

Just a general question for Moze specifically. I’m early in the game and level 12-ish on Moze. My Flak has so much Regen I can laugh damage off. My Amara also has Regen. Zane has distractions or shields to soak up damage but either way I also have regen on a kill skill I believe. I’m pretty much in the same part of the story for all my characters because I want to compare/contrast them as I play. Everything has been going great so far on the other characters.

But for Moze I’m going into FFYL more often because I don’t have a way to get my health back up in between fights. I usually save my mech for Badasses or Bosses. I guess I “could” just wait it out in between pulls and wait for the timer to reset but that will make my game time take forever. I recently got a shield that has a 20% chance to drop a health booster but you have to pick it up and in the middle of fights it is hard to see sometimes and it disappears very quickly.

I understand that many Moze players are going specifically into the Shield skill line but alas I am putting all my points into Bottomless Mags skill line because I love infinite ammo so I can just spray and pray since my accuracy is very bad. So in regards to that I understand that maybe Shield skill line is the only way to go until I get higher level then everything will balance itself out or by then I can make a dedicated Infinite Ammo build when I unlock better gear?

Your thoughts?

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Try to get a shield with 5% max health regen when shields are full, that lets you heal really quickly between fights.

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Down the Demolition Woman tree you can get the skill Vampyr, which heals you up to 20% of your missing health per enemy hit when you toss a grenade.

I’d say hold off, just a little bit longer.

I relied on a Moxi shield I believe I received from tips and transfusion grenades. I experimented as I leveled with all of the trees and earlier on, the BM tree can be tough to stay alive with, especially if you have no health regen. With BM, I feel like you need some type of gear that regenerates health either quickly and often or you can be extremely skilled and kill everything fast enough to ensure you don’t lose too much health.

IMHO Bottomless Mags is the hardest to run with right out of the gate. Not impossible by any means, but I definitely ran into the issue you speak of. That’s why I switched to Demolition Woman. And the endless explosions of course.

I’ve been lucky enough through drops to rely solely on a transfusion grenade and I’m 80% ish down Demolition Woman at level 21. Things seemed to all “click” once I added Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades and a nice addition I wasn’t really concerned with is that Iron Bear can wreck house with all the explosive passives you have as long as you don’t lose your mind when you jump in.

My strategy involves using my grenades as often as possible if I’m low on health, plus with Pull the Holy Pin, they do much more damage. And with Means of Destruction paired with any Torgue handgun/AR, I’m very rarely out of grenades for health.

I’m looking forward to see what DW to the capstone and the rest of my points dumped into BM looks like, but if I had to start from scratch, I’d probably go Shield of Retribution until I had solid gear across all slots and a decent amount of skill points to use.

I played the Shield tree and generally had 60% or 80% of my max health converted to shields for most of the game. At one point, due to a +2 class mod, my max health was 1. That seemed to prevent the capstone’s shield restore though, so I went back to 80%.

So I basically ignored health entirely.

I imagine people that primary the other trees may tend to play how a lot of builds do that lack healing/defensive options - hyper aggressive to kill the enemy before it can pose a threat. Make use of Second Winds, etc. The playstyle doesn’t suit my reflexes/dexterity, which has gotten worse over time, but it’s effective if you can pull it off.

Thats the same I did. While playing I found a unique shield that reserved 60% of my health and having 160% of my health reserved gave me more shield than Tenacious Defense could restore. But as I outleveled the shield I did go back to 80%.


2000 base shield
2000 base health

80% reserved
2000 + 2000 * 0.8 = 3600 shield
4600 * 0.4 =1440 shield restored
= 5040 effective shield

160% reserved
2000 + 2000 * 1.6 = 5200
= 5200 effective shield

In between fights? Lootable containers give away health-vials like it’s going out of style. During fights is what’s tricky.

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I’m actually curious myself with a focus on demolition woman and not wanting to rely on grenades for health Regen like so many other builds I see out there a shield might be the way to go, unless someone has found another way.

Otto idol artifact — gives you a percentage of your health back on a kill. I got lucky and rolled one a last stand variant (5 seconds of immunity on shield break) with elemental damage bonuses. Pairs really well with Desperate Measures and shields with sub 5 second recharge rates.

Shield with health boosters or health regen.

The Vampyr skill or alternatively a health leech grenade.

Moxxi weapons.

I think there might be relics later on but I ain’t got that high level yet.

I use the shield tree for moze so that I am constantly regaining my shield back making it so that I don’t need health at all. If you really want regen do a grenade build and spec in to vampyr. Which will give you health back as you damage enemies with grenades. If you don’t want to use grenades there are many relics and shields that give health regen.

Does that work when the “mech” tosses a grenade?

I use a class mod with health regen.

No, but you do regen HP when inside Bear.

@OP, For Me… early game the gun you get right after saving Lilth, (fire tazer thing) will heal you a lot if you use it right and carry you well into the mid 20s, I also used Bear for everything and shields with HP regen, nades that give you % HP back for dmg done, didn’t use moze/guns for along time(first play through) put all point into stuff like extra fuel/armor, used duel miniguns with cyro on one and explosive on the other, cryo locks things up and explosive melts everything, duel explosive would own just burns fuel more. I beat the game with no problems. Now… I only use Bear for a 5 sec buff for bosses or a “O damn that hurt one sec…” botton.

High shields while leveling, vampyr at end game.

Simple. I just never get hit. #GodQueenBigPeen

At first I just packed transfusion nades, they are amazing in early game. Once I got through half of the Retribution tree I realized I had a tough decision to make, go into another tree or sacrifice health for shields. I have never relied solely on shields before but took the chance. At the time I was counting on there being more shield regen abilities floating around. The Gunner archetype has always been a bit lacking in health restoration imo.

I found a decent purple com with+53 per sec health. Im wondering if theres any legendary coms that have that. It keeps me topped up mobbing, not so much on bosses

That’s exactly how I coped before I got to Vampyr.

As others have said, Shields with health regen when full, transfusion grenades and then Vampyr are how I did it.