How are you using Shockwave Maliwans?

(Shockwave Maliwan weapons take a second to charge up, then fire an energy ball when released)

I found a Green one today and it has been keeping pace with the blues and purples in my loadout.

Here’s what I can tell from using it:
•Short range
•Balls can hit multiple enemies
•Balls will hit multiple times
•Balls penetrate all targets!

This is crazy, I’m getting multiple Critical Hits on every individual enemy in mobs, as in, every enemy takes like 3 or 4 Critical Hits, the gun devastates them.

What would you pair Shockwave Maliwans with?

I’d pair them with the garbage chute, hahahahaha!

Shut up, Claptrap!

I got my first one an hour ago. I just point it in the direction and let it loose, after I emptied the mag, nothing stands anymore. It’s kinda funny😄
And yes, soooo many crits without even aiming properly. I probably try a crit build with Fl4k and enjoy the devastation.

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I’ll remember that when I get around to trying FL4K, thanks