How are your Zane builds handling Mayhem 4?

I mistakenly inferred that from the discussion about VV/PD, which didn’t include DB. Sorry about that, Hexx, but thanks for the clarification.

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I know the ION Cannon is the new hotness for everybody but I was messing around with some gear and build ideas and had a ton of fun in the Cistern of Slaughter with the Nukem.

A HUGE shout out to @kabflash because he hooked me up the Nukem, my ION Cannon, and my artifact. Also a shout out to @Hexxusz0r, the first Zane main rocket Zane I witnessed. And finally a shout out to @GimmickBuilds for encouraging me to slide again with his recent video :grin:.


It wasn’t pretty but it worked out of the box! :grin:

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Y’all know what the title of this topic/thread is and there has been many respondents and I appreciate it. Now let’s kick it up a notch. Check this new one out and participate.

Thanks to the current hotfix that buffs SNTL cryo my Nukem is even more potent now and the Scourge regains its rightful place as Zane’s OG boss killer against the usurper ION Cannon that got nerfed! :grin:

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I’m lovin the Scourge, it keeps Seein Dead up ok ish, I switch to a KotW/brainstormer if AS gets to low. I just fire it over Woran’s shield and he gets carpetbombed from above.

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Have any of you noticed that after putting a weapon with the new 100% Cryo damage while SNTL active buff into the vault, it reverts back to 50% permanently? This happened to me with a Trevanator I got today. It dropped with 100% extra cryo damage, then I put it in my vault to transfer to another hero and it switched the annointment to 50% extra cryo damage. Stuck that way now.

Completed MT on M4, solo, this past weekend. The drops were sufficient (though I got nothing good), but I suspect that had more to do with the increased drop rates for the event. That being said, when they revert the drop rates (and possibly the scaling), I won’t be doing MT again. It’s too much effort for too little reward.

I have spoken.

Something new I tried yesterday, Facepuncher with Doubled Barrel to proc Terror Ammoregen + Transformer + Alchemist + Icebreaker + cryo Hex. Typically specced in hitman and doubled agent with Seein Dead.

I ran Traunt with ease on M4. Haven’t tried Takedown yet, but this is the loop: Get Clone with FP out, get STNL out. Target STNL and spam the living hell out of the Alchemist, detonate as soon as enemy freezes. Alchemist also keep my shield topped up.

It’s stronger than Redistributer for single enemies, but weaker against groups than Redist. Atleast from what I noticed during my Athenas runs.

Big part is basically having an infinite mag I can stack stickies with. Uptoo 20k per sticky on flesh

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I have not been able to reproduce what you’ve described. But if you can reproduce it you should record it, upload it to YouTube, and report it via a support ticket here:

Zane doesn’t think Trial of Supremacy is all that supreme. :grin: Or maybe it’s just supremely easy? :thinking: You be the judge.

I think this means that we can finally put to rest any misconceptions about Zane being a weak vault hunter :grin:

I’m curious, is my clone also getting 100% cryo anoint damage if he also use the anointed weapon? Or this only works for real zane?

The short answer is no. The long answer is that the prevailing wisdom is that the clone doesn’t get any anointments and I haven’t found any evidence to the contrary thus far.

Aw that’s too bad, it said that the clone get the same exact weapon, so why dont they also get the anointment, its a bug maybe? Hehe. thanks for the information though.

I think it’s by design because if the clone got the anointments Zane would be broken as feck. It would make Zane more powerful than Amara and Salvadore combined. :laughing:

Well, the Clone can’t end actionskills and it doesn’t have a Clone to swap with :P.

I always though that the clone condition is mimicking zane, what i mean is for example when zane get bonus for STNL being active then the clone also get the bonus too, it doesn’t need to have its own SNTL too :laughing:. Turns out this is not the case at all.

I’m at the point now where I can solo Slaughter Shaft on M4 reliably and with relative ease. Soloing MT on M4 is more challenging, but as I stated earlier, I consider MT to be too much time/effort for too little reward.

That said, I’m still missing a couple pieces of gear that will complete my build, and if I ever get those, my build will be slightly better for it. But at this point, I think Zane is in an excellent place in terms of preparedness for new content, and potentially a level cap increase and more skill points. I do want to emphasize though that the crutch of my success is the Seein Dead COM. Without it, I don’t think I’d be doing as well. Which also means, that the other thread with all the skill revision feedback should still be pushed for consideration.

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