How are your Zane builds handling Mayhem 4?

I mistakenly inferred that from the discussion about VV/PD, which didn’t include DB. Sorry about that, Hexx, but thanks for the clarification.

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I know the ION Cannon is the new hotness for everybody but I was messing around with some gear and build ideas and had a ton of fun in the Cistern of Slaughter with the Nukem.

A HUGE shout out to @kabflash because he hooked me up the Nukem, my ION Cannon, and my artifact. Also a shout out to @Hexxusz0r, the first Zane main rocket Zane I witnessed. And finally a shout out to @GimmickBuilds for encouraging me to slide again with his recent video :grin:.


It wasn’t pretty but it worked out of the box! :grin:

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Y’all know what the title of this topic/thread is and there has been many respondents and I appreciate it. Now let’s kick it up a notch. Check this new one out and participate.