How awesome would this be?

Ok, so after the release they’re going to make a 26th Battleborn.

What if Gearbox hosted a contest. The winner of the contest gets the legendary 26th Battleborn named after them.

For example, if I won, the character would be named “Cobble”.

How awesome would it be to have a character named Lordofon or Mental Mars?

Sadly this probably won’t happen.

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I love the idea completely!


i would hope to have Ice powers and slide around like Iceman or something, mainly focusing on support by freezing and slowing characters :slight_smile:

But i still recon this guy will be the 26th playable Battleborn :stuck_out_tongue:

But thats just my theory :wink:

I doubt that he’s the 26th Battleborn. It wouldn’t make sense to play alongside the main villain.

But a character named Jax Rift sounds awesome.

We don’t know how the story ends :wink: and its kind of an old school idea where once you complete the game you could play as the boss or main bad guy :slight_smile:

I just think he looks like a pretty sick character and would like to see how he plays :slight_smile:

And you mention playing along side the main villain, we have already seen ISIC play against ISIC in the story so it isnt impossible :wink:

But back on topic, what would you like your character to have if you won? :slight_smile:

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I doubt we’d be allowed to design it, only get to pick the name.

I’m honestly not sure how my character would be. I can’t decide.

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Ideal name: noone

Ideal toolkit: fizz from league of legends…in 3D or maybe that time guy.

Are you talking about Ekko? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, 100% echo. Probably hard to balance a kit like that in a shooter though lol.

But how sweet would a tank like tahm kench be in this game? Im almost drooling at the thouhht

What about a character named “Shmental Shmars”? Any interest there? cc: @MentalMars


Name one after mee! :wink: But it is a bit long… :wink:

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I may have an idea for a great character! (=Well, it’s more of homage to one of my favorite anime characters of all time, but still :smiley:)

Ideal name: Sanea.


Sanea is the captain of the notorious well-trained assassins at Bliss (The homeland of the Peacekeepers, who loathing her, but still pays her as the leader of the official disciplinary settlement for the S rank criminals at Bliss, while they are busy on protecting the universe). She is a sadist who lacks empathy for people of whom she deems weak. She enjoys putting her enemies through great pain, both physically and emotionally. She has no qualms about killing innocent people to get what she wants. Sanea is known to treat her subordinates well, letting them do as they please, which in turn inspires their intense loyalty and devotion; No one is never qustioned her because of that; the homage for her was absolute.

Due to the destruction of the universe, she leaves Bliss in order to fight for the last star on the universe. Why? she thinks it may be funny; A great story to tell.

She can manipulate ice as her power skill. She uses the ice as her sword, similar combat style as Phoebe (may be less noble\flashy and more brutal, but still a beautiful combat style), but she’ll have less speed in general.

Ideal kit:

:diamonds: Early Grave
she’ll have a use of ice shards pointing at the enemy, marking them on the map and fiercing them to death (=sounds cool already, huh?). It will be time dependent and range dependent, so as long as no one’s near her, it will do nothing.

Time cooldown: 20 seconds.

:diamonds: Wild Hunt
She can summon a frozen white tiger she killed in the past back in Bliss as her puppet. He can be exploded at the enemy if detected (as much as Thorn previous ULT) and deal some serious damage. It will follow the enemies near it, so again, if no one’s nearby, it will do nothing and basically aboard (=and because of that the time cooldown will cut in half – 13 seconds).
Time cooldown: 26 seconds.

:diamonds: White Moute
her ultimate ability is creating a giant pillar of ice from thin air and fires it at the ground; This will deal a massive damage and will create a frozen area where her teammates are boosted and her enemies are being slowed by that area, and all that by simply snapping her fingers together.

Time cooldown: 56 seconds.

Famous quote’s:

“Panicking leads to an early grave”.

“Ha-ha! you-can-not-defeat-me”.

“What’s wrong? you dont want to lie beneath my boot’s anymore?”.

“Well, well… You’re angry? then overcome your deficits”.


Hope you like it!

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Have you been playing too much ‘SHMUPS’ lately Joe?

Does Ambra’s meteor have a pet name ?

Rendain as Playable hero = OH YES PLZ!!!

GBX did do an easter egg contest with BL2 that’s why johnny waffles is in sanctuary. So maybe the contest could be more towards that. Make it happen @Jeffybug


But Joe are you confirming things here ?

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