How big do you think "classes" will be in Wonderlands?

We’ve been told that Wonderlands will be the first - erlands game to give us not only the choice of a “class”, but also the option of mixing two classes together for unique results. They’ve been pretty vague over what a class consists of, however, whether that means three to four skill trees as we’ve seen before or something entirely new. What do you think will happen? What would you like to see?

  • One regular skill tree
  • Two skill trees
  • Three
  • One skill tree, but more developed (perhaps with multiple branches, capstones, etc.)
  • Something completely different

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I suspect it will need to be more than a single Borderlands-style trees or there would be very little build diversity once we get up to 50-60 skill points.

Not sure, but apparently you can only reroll your secondary class, not your primary, which I think is an awful move right out the gate.

(I don’t care if it’s an awful move that other “class” games have made before, it’s still unnecessarily stifling.)


To me, that would be like changing from Moze to Zane in the same playthrough. There’s got to be some limits. They’ve never let us change our class before, but selecting a second one and being able to switch that is entirely new.

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Once you’ve beaten normal story and unlocked TVHM, you SHOULD be able to switch VHs without starting a new game. Or at least be able to start at max level, and in TVHM.
I don’t need to slog through another 72 farmless levels just to learn some new skill trees and hear some different VH dialogue. It’s not like ANYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME changes. All the VHs are equally absent/ignored during the story.

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That would be nice. Personally, I’d like to be able to copy my save files so I have, for instance, a second Moze who I can build differently to the first one without having to go through the story all over again. I’m pretty sure you can do this on PC, but not on PlayStation.

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They took that bs from dragons dogma because i still remember that game i always used magic archer.

This would be nice, yes, but I get pretty good replay value from taking the levelling journey with a different class, so I don’t know what to think. And yeah, your mileage may vary on that.
Also, I’m sort of hoping the player characters won’t be like ghosts in the storytelling this time. It’s been a fairly common criticism, hopefully the devs could address it.

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For me, it depends on how good the story is and overall difficulty. Repeated playthroughs of BL3 made the story boring for me as well as too easy. A fun story + good difficulty would be much more satisfying for me.

If they do go in a different direction, I’d love to see “skill webs” as opposed to skill trees - branching off in various directions with multiple capstones and different parts linking to other parts. Like the leveling system in Final Fantasy X.

since its gbx, i think it wont be anything special
you most likely have 6-9 classes
all represented by 1 tree / 1 actionskill

then you can pick a second tree a bit later and skill down there and gain a bonus element of sorts

and thats the game.

i would be highly suprised if this game introduces the ability to mix and match basically all skilltrees of borderlands 3 ( just in essence) together as you please all at the same time

Think that you could still do this, either by simply resetting your TVHM playthrough, repeccing and distributing your skill points gradually, as you replayed the story. Or, for people like me, you could just keep replaying the story in TVHM at max level, with different builds, but ALSO different characters. I’m all for hearing the other VH’s quips and whatnot, I just don’t want to have to crawl back up to max level/TVHM/MM to do it.

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Also, (for me) it’s really demotivating to start a new character, after having beaten the game/maxed level/etc, and realize that farming isn’t even possible until you unlock Mayhem Mode or TVHM again, let alone worth your time until you max out your level again.

They can’t disappoint my expectations if I don’t have any expectations to disappoint.


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I forget the exact source, but I remember an article saying the trees have 2 action skills each, and are much more streamlined. So I’m assuming they’ll focus more on modifying the action skills themselves. The depth will probs come from the trees + the hero points + gear synergies.

And if it’s pulled off well, I’m all for it! It has the potential for meaningful gear choice.

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From whats been said so far each class will basically be one skill tree and you’ll pick a main class that’ll be fixed and later choose a secondary which will be able to be changed after you beat the main story.
Seems like the individual skill trees will be much larger and more expansive in wonderlands since there will only be 6 total with one per class.
I’m just hoping that having a class as your main will be a bit different to having it as your secondary so melee-mage is different to mage-melee

Found the source:

M.C – You pick your primary class at the very beginning of the game. We have six classes and each of the classes has two skills each. Once you pick your primary class, you’ll get skill points you’ll be able to spend in a more streamlined skill tree. And then during the main campaign, you will be granted the ability for a secondary class. You will then be able to start spending skill points in two different skill trees and gain the abilities of both classes as well. Like a tabletop RPG in addition to skill points, you will be spending Hero Points on more classic RPG stats like strength, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, constitution, and attunement. Those traditional sounding attributes hero points actually speak to things like skill cooldowns, and spell cooldowns and whatnot. Also, the new types of gear that you collect, also speak to your build. So, you have multiclassing and a lot of ways to chain your build through here.

Based on this info, they’re going to be smaller than the existing ones. Doubt they’ll go through some kind of large web like PoE, BL is known for how easy it is to get into. Doesn’t mean there can’t be depth though.

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Is there a voting option for “what I have heard about Wonderlands class differentiation to this point is ■■■■?”

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Should have put a “No buy” option in the poll as well.

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I’m really starting to think that the classes will effectively be the size of 2 Borderlands skill trees. Last weeks video showed off 2 classes, each with 2 action skills (presuming they don’t have more), so it would fit to have a tree for each action skill. This would also mean that the game ships with the same number of skill trees as we normally see at launch — 12 — and the characters, once multiclassed, will have the same number of trees as are available to BL3 vault hunters — 4. It would also be easier to create new classes.

I’m convinced one of the benefits of this new system is it will again be possible to add classes after launch. They won’t have to work on physical designs or find/pay a new voice actor, they can just make the skill trees and let the rest speak for itself.